SOTD: Pardesi – Dev.D

  1. Serenzy 11 years ago

    What a Fantastic Composition!

    What a Total Game Changer of a Music Album of DevD was.
    Filled with one outstanding song after another, all of them having some crazy setup of instruments to it.

    The Music of DevD is ‘Un-Bollywood’ and that’s the Freshness Factor that works for it.

    Amit Trivedi, you beauty.. You Genius!
    Totally deserved the National Award for it!

    * Emotional Atayachar(both the versions), Pardesi, Nayan Tarse, Paayaliya, Saali Khushi, Duniya, Aankh mi choli, Mahi Mennu *

    Add to that a Fantastic Movie by Kashyap itself(only behing the Unbeatble & Powerful – Black Friday).

    • hithere 11 years ago

      One of my favourite soundtracks from last decade.

      Sadly it didn’t find favors with so called torchbearer of talent – bollywood awards. D6 (which I like immensely) was also in running that year but I rate this more just because it is unconventional.

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