SOTD: Aaina Mujhse Meri – Daddy

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    Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    The new Anupam Kher show on TV is so stupid, he is giving stupid examples every time and saying the line “life mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai”. He sounds so pathetic.

    Also, call upon some real guests which suit the name of your show – he is calling parineeti,aditya kapoor, bony kapoo’s son, david dhawan’s son, Anil Kapoor and his ever irritating daughter etc.

    When the name of ur show is like that , only ppl like Rajnikanth, Shahrukh(to some extent), Akshay, Johnny Lever, Govinda, DHarmendra, Mr Wagle , Raghuveer Yadav, Amitabj etc are eligible to come on ur show.

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      Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Also I dont understand everyone’s need to put Naseer and Om in same bracket and putting out Pankaj Kapoor everytime. Even Anupam Kher was doing this on this show. (no one even mentions Pankaj Kapoor, be it blogs or TV shows, all only go ga-ga only for naseer and Om. Pankaj Kapoor has given us same them – karamchand and so many films.

      One should learn to respect him. I think Anupam Kher is a fake guy who likes glamour and likes to be in “certain circles”. Just LIKE SRK , he has long lost the soft-corner from ppl that he was a so-called common man once! Bloody business minded punjabi usual.

      PS: This guy didnt even care to vote when even his wife was there in the elctions this year.

  2. Baba
    Baba 6 years ago

    i think anupam kher is bored of acting since many years. he mechanically does roles now. i always liked his assosication with satish kaushik in his early years. they were a great natural comic team

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