Shah Rukh Khan On Katrina Kaif

Shah Rukh Khan has just returned from London after completing his first schedule of Yash Raj’s yet untitled film with Katrina Kaif. SRK feels that working with YRF is like shooting with family but he denies that it is all a cakewalk.

“I have often heard the media say that working with YRF is like a picnic but it’s not like that at all. The shooting schedule was really strict and it was very cold in London. But we shot on a tight schedule and, yes, it was really nice to work with Yashji after so many years,” said SRK at the launch of Nokia mobile TV launch.

On Yashji, SRK reveals, “A few days ago, we were discussing that we have worked with each other for 21 years. Whenever Yashji, Adi and I work together, we have a great time as all of them are so talented and they work so creatively. Yashji is directing a film after a long gap and it feels very nostalgic. God has been very kind to us. Whenever we have worked together, it has turned out really well and the audience has loved the film.”

This is the first time SRK is sharing screen space with Katrina Kaif and the actor is all praises for his new co star. “This was the first time I worked with Katrina. I have heard that she is a very hard-working actress. It was the first time I witnessed that she is a hard-working actress and very talented. Sometimes, how you work together as a team is very interesting. Our dream is to make a wonderful film, which I think we will.”

“Whenever I am shooting, I always try to learn something new from the newer generation of actors. Since Katrina is new, her style of working is different and I try to adapt to those new techniques. If I am 25 years old in this industry, she is just ten years old, and she has a different kind of working culture. Her approach is different and that’s how, by sharing knowledge, you learn new things. It was really great working with her,” says SRK.



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