Sanket’s Review : Baaghi

BaaghiThis week’s release Baaghi is an inconsistently put together action drama which is only seldom enjoyable. We are very well aware that in films like these we are usually supposed to not take its story and plot holes very seriously. In fact I enjoy this genre more often only because it doesn’t submit itself to the dry theory of logic. But Baaghi is too short of entertainment that it is supposed to provide.

In first half, the film runs on the strength of some quick comedy, mostly provided by Sunil Grover, and couple of terrifically choreographed action scenes. But the romance and the drama in the film is something that is major distraction. Also there are quite a few song in the narration and only “Sab Tera” gels well.

Even second half suffers from uninspiring drama that only hurts its action sequences. Come to think off it, if the technically rich action scenes are not motivated out of relatable emotions, all they look like WWE action that we see on TV. This is what holds back Baaghi from being a good entertainer.

Tiger Shroff is just as much an asset to the film as much as he is a liability. He expectedly performs his action with ease and finesse, but when it comes to acting, he fails miserably. Even the regular scenes of charming a girl felt dry. Shraddha Kapoor’s character is muddled under the poor writing table. Sudheer Babu as the prime antagonist also doesn’t ooze of menace even when he is doing some brilliant action.

On the whole, Baaghi is quite ordinary a film that sells itself entirely based on the action prowess of its lead star. However for whatever reasons the film is held back from being a good entertainer, half the blame must also go to its lead actor who is still struggling to have the ‘act’ in ‘actor’.

Rating : 2/5


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