Sandeep Reddy Vanga Interview on Kabir Singh

In an exclusive interview post the huge box-office success and criticism his film Kabir Singh received, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga gives Anupama Chopra his defence and tells us he feels the rage was “bizarre.” The Shahid Kapoor- Kiara Advani starrer which raked in over 200 crores at the box-office has hugely polarized the audiences. On which side of the fence do you sit? Tell us in the comments below.

  1. cr7 5 years ago

    I understood his point and i agree the reaction from some critics was extreme.But having said that something he said in this interview was absurd. Also the dig on Sucharita and Rajeev wasn’t cool.

    Cheers for Film Companion though .Great site . They accommodate views of everyone.Fpr Sucharita’s extreme take on kabir Singh they had the sane voice of Rangan . Also giving Vanga an platform to speak his points.

    • cr7 5 years ago

      Couldn’t edit the comment . I meant the slap thing he said was absurd.

      • Author
        sputnik 5 years ago

        Agree with you that the slap thing was absurd. I also understood his point about passionate love but the idea that you have to be able to slap each other is ridiculous. He did say about both being able to do that to each other but everyone on twitter is trying to make it sound like he said that only the guy should be able to do that to the girl.

        I don’t think he was able to articulate well what he wanted to say. Every time he tried to explain something he just ended up making it worse.

        But he did bring up a good point about Sanju that Rajeev gave 3.5 stars to that movie. The mangalsutra scene has Sanjay put the commode seat over Sonam but I did not see any critic mention that the movie was misogynistic. Rajeev himself could have done Exhibit A for that scene and mention how misogynistic it is but he did not.

        He also brought up the point that Sanjay says that he slept with 300 women and in the movie he does that proudly before his wife who does not even react. I had mentioned this in my review “Instead Sanjay sleeping around with multiple women is shown as a badge of honor by telling the number of women he slept with.”

        I did not see any critic question why Manyata is still with Sanjay.

        I had mentioned how “Even Sanjay sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend is a trivial scene which does not affect their friendship.”

        Rajeev praised Ranbir’s performance as Sanju even though that character does all sorts of bad things whereas for Kabir Singh he says the character is unlikable.

        I think Rajeev is a hypocrite. Just because Raju Hirani the top director in Bollywood directed the movie he praised the movie and Ranbir in it.

        Frankly I think this whole criticism of Kabir Singh is ridiculous. A lead character does not have to be goody goody. He can be flawed, he can be bad.

        I was watching The Sopranos and it is from the point of view of Tony Soprano a criminal. In that he attacks his female psychiatrist Dr. Melfi but I have not read any criticism of it being misogynistic or glorifying a criminal.

        The way these critics have reviewed the movie they should have issue with every gangster movie for glorifying them. Wasn’t Gangs of Wasseypur glorifying criminals by having them as leads. According to these critics its fine as long as these criminals kill other men but are nice to women.

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