Salman Khan is back as ‘Prem’ in Sooraj Barjatya’s next movie

We learnt that Salman Khan’s next film with Sooraj Barjatya is all set to go on the floors early next year. Following the banner’s tried and tested formula, the film is tentatively titled Bade Bhaiyya, where Salman plays the lead role. And in keeping with the tradition, his character will be called Prem.

Although the rest of the cast is yet to be finalised, a source revealed that the film will feature a number of familiar faces from the banner’s previous films. “Salman will play the character of the elder brother, that was traditionally done by Mohnish Behl in the films by the banner,” said the source.

Casting for the film will start in a month. “By then, he’ll (Sooraj) have also finalised the music team and will commence the sittings. There are at least half-a-dozen tracks in the film. The melody will be the highlight of the soundtrack,” the source added.

The last time Salman Khan did a full-fledged film with the Barjatyas was Hum Saath Saath Hai in 1999. Reportedly, the family was upset with the black buck hunting case during the shooting in Jodhpur and consequently, stopped working with him. Salman Khan returned to the Barjatya banner in 2010 with a cameo in Isi Life Mein.

Here’s another update on Salman Khan. We’ve heard that our Bhai was his usual self when he was offered an endorsement for a hawai chappal brand. Apparently, when the script for the ad film first came to him, he sent it back saying he wanted it to be more exciting. Then he sent back even the reworked script.

After some further back and forth, Salman Khan claimed he would write the script himself. Out came a script complete with the usual Salman antics. Last thing we know the ad makers had reconciled themselves to this innovative ad film. Admittedly, as long as it’s Sallman, anything will sell.


  1. Author
    aryan 12 years ago

    I don’t think its a good decision from Salman because Sooraj Barjatya lost his touch in filmmaking (Direction) if we see his last 3 or 4 movies.

    • prg 12 years ago

      Sooraj has directed 5 films…. MPK, HAHK, HSSH,MPKDH n Vivaah

      so u mean he lost his touch in direction in HAHK, HSSH,MPKDH n Vivaah….

      • Author
        aryan 12 years ago

        I liked sooraj’s two movies MPK & HAHK.

        HSSH, MPKDH & Vivah all are boring sardard movies.

        • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

          Except MPKDH, all were excellent direction if not movies. But personally i loved all four movies except MPKDH n may be coz i come from a conservative & a joint family 😉

          • narad_muni 12 years ago

            Vivah should have won an Oscar ar at least a BAFTA award….

          • sputnik 12 years ago

            I would then recommend Rajshri production’s Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi starring Esha Koppikar and Sonu Sood 😉

  2. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    Is this going to be his careers biggest just like other 2? Will wait for it anyday. Bade bhaiyya – Naam hi kaafi hai 😀

    • narad_muni 12 years ago

      for that he needs to find a Madhuri…
      The biggest joke is a year after Sallu’s biggest BB, his popularity was way below SRK and even below the likes of Akki and all other heroes… just goes to show HAHK was and is remembered as a Madhuri show all the way…
      (This is not my theory, this is as per the survey posted by Shetty bhai 🙂 )

      • sputnik 12 years ago

        HAHK was 3 hour 40 min on its initial release but they edited it and released a 3 hour version a few days/week later. They re-released the whole 3 hour 40 min version when the movie was on its last legs.

        I saw HAHK thrice in theater (second time for family and third time because I wanted to watch the whole 3 hr 40 min version).

        Salman did not get any credit for HAHK because a) Madhuri got all the credit and b) Salman had no hits and all flops after Saajan to HAHK. So Sooraj basically rescued Salman’s career and there are some Salman fans (who were not old enough during HAHK’s release) who think HAHK was Salman’s hit.

        Even after that Movie magazine opinion poll post Salman fans keep saying Salman was No 1 during early 90s.

        What’s even more interesting is that Salman’s next movie with Sooraj Barjatya – HSSH (with no Madhuri but with addition of Tabu, Saif, Karishma, Sonali) did not do even half of HAHK 😉

      • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        You mean Something like SRK’s career as of right now after giving twin 100cr grossers, the higest in his entire career is now much lower than Akshay and Hrithik in popularity 😉

      • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        You mean to say just like SRK’s popularity as of right nw even after giving two 100cr grossers, the highest in his career is on downslide, lower than Hrithik n Akshay in popularity 😀

        Without Madhuri Salman has broken his own record atleast 3 times so why he can’t for the fourth time?

        • Milind 12 years ago

          SRK low on popularity. When the “Khan” roared at Wankhede,the TIGER making rounds on twitter and facebook went to a corner! Half a page Editorial in TELEGRAPH and TOI defending him.Rediff declaring him at his peak ever.And you say low on popularity.He can own any Salman any day. Let us not forget Salman is a man who has shelled some 56+ flops in his entire career with 30 in last decade and will again meet a dead end as has been his fortunes! He was low on popularity than even Rajpal Yaadav once and Dino Morea who had a raging success in Raaz! 🙂

          • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            Sometimes in the name of Religion and Sometimes in the name of Children he can only weep 😉

            Also the Salman is the one who has highest no of ATBB, BB’s and more no of hits than your idol srk along with highest top hits of the year 😉

            Right now he is much lower in popularity than KRK – Naam hi kaafi hai 😉

          • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            Anyways, above comment was in reply to Shilac but like always you want your share of goodies. No problem i’l oblige 😉

          • Milind 12 years ago

            He wept in front of the media about his detention.Guess he joked it around in the air and stuffed it out of the park.If the Indian External Affairs Minister and the government consider him as a national treasure,why should Salman fans burn? 😉

            He was called to bell the ring at Nasdaq! And guess Salman wont ever be called to bell a ring at even Andheri Sensex if any such exists.

            If Time Magazine includes Devdas in Top Ten films of the millenium,I do agree that fans of real life Devdas must weep in a corner. 😉

            If a National daily,a top rated site,a formidable daily of North region,a major News Channel,whole bollywood,politicians and at the end even BCCI[in silence] support him,why should I agree to your version of anything! Yes you were right! I must not have argued with a Salman fan who want to pretend that a decade was just a sleep for them. 😉

            If SRK’s worst Ra.One does 120[regionals included] ,just 20-21 crores less than Salman’s biggest Hit,then it is obvious which star is greater in impact and driving films to safety.The question remains–Can Salman do a 110-120 crore film and still make it a recovery.SRK has– Don 2,MNIK,Ra.One! Can Salman come out of his comfort zone and deliver.SRK has– MNIK,CDI,Swades! The question on consistency anyways remains lingering.You misread–I said when SRK had 50 crore netters,Salman was having 10-15/20 crore netters.Jaan-e-Man sank w/o a trace! 😉

            If everytime he takes a lap in a stadium,people roar for him in contrast to Salman’ lackluster appeal in IPL’s opening ceremony,it is time you realise the fallacy of your statement!

            If the botanical name of a flower is named after him,it is time you re-consider your stance.I am not at fault.

            If Newsweek and Time consider him amongst the most powerful celebrities around the world,it is time Salman fans see their own collars.

            If James Camaroon quips “I know India and I know SRK” is time to put up an end to the debate of who is a bigger icon and face.

            If BCCI looks upon him to bail them out of a sponsorship issue[BCCI–the most powerful sporting body in universe] vis-a-vis Sahara Parivaar Group,it is time fans other stars re-consider their question on popularity and power yielding!

            If his “sneeze” on Wankhede can relegate ETT’s trailer on twitter to dustbin,it is time to think why is SRK so much of a newsmaker.Biggest celebrities are always the darling of media–in a positive way and negative,both!

            If SRK’s is awarded a Chubb Fellowship by Yale[which many consider more prestigious than Oxford’s and Cambridge’s].it is time to think why is it so!

            If his perseverance is anything to go by regards his career and IPL,I am happy living and dying by a star who is possibly the greatest after bachchan rather than cribbing about a star who has some enormous flops throughout his career and a decade that even Vinod Mehra did not have. 😉 Or even Raj Babbar 😀

            Agreed he is under pressure to perform but just reduce the budgets of his films and they scale from recovery to BB.Guess when the 50 crore project by YRF hits the screen you will realise how likes of BG’s and Ready’s become BBs. 🙂

            And all that SRK has done since competition is experiment.Now he has some exciting films in his strength genre.Let us talk then.Let the dice roll yet again 😀

        • Milind 12 years ago

          See these links and decide:





          When such articles are rampant in newspapers,I had rather not believe he cries for religion when he has a Hindu wife and children whose initial name has a Hindu tone! No need for a man like SRk to rely on religion when he is and has been the darling of millions as Raj and Rahul. A very superficial and illiterate type of response has become common amongst the rival fans when they say him to be religiously biased.Many have a problem with him saying Insha-Allah but same men wont leave their Ram or Krishna in times of happiness or despair.Same men won’t call Allah at their times of joy.Taking names of Almighty is a common practice.We take names we are exposed to from childhood.And then if we have a problem with a Muslim saying he is Muslim then we aren’t secular in the first place! Are we? He weeps,you say– Not like Salman wept below Aish’s apartment till Agnihotri had to rescue him back to his own home.I mean Sallu if weeps..he is just being human but if SRK,which he never has,makes him vulnerable!

          I am amazed at the fallacy of your arguments which rely on biggest hit of the year and etc that make me remind of a lame man on some other blog whose legs in my presence were more often than not in boiling oil.But let us now come to your argument.Ok,he has some greater number of biggest hits..what about the consistency..we need a parallel graph at least.Forget that Salman never ever had a sigmoid curve.And here we are talking about biggest hits.When SRK was shelling some 50 crore netters,Salman had some 10 crores-20 crores in quite a few films.That is why guess SRK is miles ahead of some Salman whose revival is equivalent to the ant whose death when near,grows wings and flies near the fire! 😀

          Consistency defines a Star.Not the bulk of hits where SRk does not lag behind Salman even 😀

          Overseas–Salman is a Dud–infact Akki is better than him in UK/Canada. 😉

          Currently Salman is having a good phase but that does not wipe out the scars of a decade that Yakuza on the other blog has just made fresh.Enjoy it there. 🙂

          And answer me,when has the biggest selling newspaper in India given half page of its editorial to defend a star? Your lamest excuse would be he bought it! Guess then Salman is a beggar! Thanks!

          • Milind 12 years ago

            #SRK is the biggest cinematic icon of the past 20 years.Compared to him Salman is like the bearer of the flag in a march past where the headboy is someone else!In this case SRK 🙂

          • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            He wept for being detained in an airport in front of whole media – reason – My name is Khan. Vowed in front of whole media never to visit that country again. Next we see him rigging the bell at Nasdaq.

            Same way please name the 56 flops you mentioned in your above statement which i believe taken from the Ye(k) Chuza of the same blog you mentioned above 😀 BTW the reference i made is because those are facts 😉 unlike yours 😀

            Those 50cr netter flops were big budgeted films too. Hit is a Hit and Flop is a Fop. Why consistency coz that is the only thing that favours your idol.

            Overseas – I agree with you

            When you know and believe your answer then you should not question others i believe 😀

            Expecting different answer? well then I would say it was a GIFT from TOI 😉 If somebody doesn’t want to buy anything means he is a beggar to you?

          • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            Right now – yeah as i said KRK – naam hi kaafi hai 😉

        • Milind 12 years ago

          I am more than happy to oblige to you fearlesssoul 😉

          • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            Thanks – Seems like we have a mutual understanding of obliging each other. Well i’l bookmark it and will reply whenever I am free to. As of now Goodnight

  3. narad_muni 12 years ago

    Sallu writing script? LOL 🙂

  4. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    He himself was a joke at that time and no doubt after asking him to ring the bell they once again ringed his bell for the second time. 😛 So we know how popular he is 😉 Same India considers UPA as the rightful leaders of this country including many known criminals in the list. After vowing not to visit US many times he did visit repeatedly the same way he broke the promise to quit smoking.

    In one of the IPL match in Jaipur when he walked into the stadium, with his pack of cigarettes and lighted and smoked openly, in full view of public and was shown live on TV. Why didn’t the govt act with the same alacrity then and haul him up, as also the security guys who didn’t do their job of confiscating all that was banned from being taken inside the stadium?

    After reaching Yale University, Shah Rukh said “Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America. The immigration guys kick the star out of stardom”. Wouldn’t it have been great if the security men in Jaipur too had kicked the ‘star out of stardom’? Wonder how the government would have reacted then! – (calling him India’s Treasure :D)
    Yale reminds me of his children – He says that they stumble upon Internet when they come across Kamasutra as his son knows more position than him… Brilliant 😀

    “Time is the world’s largest circulation weekly news magazine with a readership of 25 million, of which 20 million are in the US.” – You go with 25 million subscribers out of which 20 million subscribers reside in US instead of 10-12Crore Indian population who have paid to watch a film like HAHK? Or Sholay? Or DDLJ for that matter?

    Cameroon knows India and Srk – Guess what he only knows him. But many Hollywood directors and producers have already worked or casted Salman khan, mallika sherawat, bipasha, om puri, anupamkher, irfan khan, Amitabh Bachan, anil kapoor etc… apart from Salman and Amitabh, others are even bigger than SRK I suppose 😀

    A 200cr budgeted film (later reduced to 120CR as always – Manipulation) is declared hit by BOI on 120cr and still some fans are proud of him even after knowing the bitter truth. If he wants to spend extravagantly, does that mean others also need to spend when they can do it in half/quarter of the amount just to show off? Like you said earlier, if SRK buys an editorial space that means Salman is a beggar. 😀 that means to show he isn’t beggar or bigger star than srk he should also buy one or two editorial spaces, do expensive films and request Cameroon to take his name whenever he is addressing media isn’t it?

    There are Achievements from Both and if you turn a blind eye on one and start giving your subjective opinions, everyone can have one and will end it by saying a Famous quote I love – Opinions are like axxhole, everyone has one – courtesy Danish.

    • narad_muni 12 years ago

      Hw do u know RA1 had a budget of 200Cr ? Did u finance RA.1 or u were doing accounting for it?
      Isnt everything a speculation?

      Just to b clear – I dont believe in BOI verdicts.

      Also, Don 2 is a clean hit with a WW gross of 210 crores and proofits of 25-30 crores or more.
      If some other star’s film had done similar business, their fans goes orgasmic and claim them to superhit/BB/ATBB…
      just goes to show the bar for SRK is much higher 😉

      • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        “just goes to show the bar for SRK is much higher”
        —– you mean to say his flops make more than his hits?

        Did I object regarding Don2?

        Isn’t It Speculation? – The above comment of yours regarding Madhuri was a fact?

        • narad_muni 12 years ago

          You categorized D2 and RA1 together..which is not correct.
          DON2 made good profits for considering it as an unsuccessful movie is not rite.

          2nd, the comment abt Madhuri getting all the credit for HAHK is not speculation, it has been proven time and again by various sources – just like the 1995 survey posted here sometime back. Sallu’s popularity was at an abysmal low before and after much so for the fans’ claim of him being No.1 in 90’s 🙂

          By the way, how old were you when HAHK released?

    • Milind 12 years ago

      1. your opinion makes it a joke.The fact is that Zuckerberg recently did it! Your opinion sees anything as joke apart from Salman.Guess I can’t help it! 🙂

      2. Promises to quit smoking! Is that your issue?Has Salman repented for the innocent killings he did while shooting HSSH.He played Prem on screen–so dociler and humble and in reality he was poaching! Saif accepted that 😉 He drinks and drives and kills people on the road.families waiting for justice and to testify but money shifts the dates always.Is that a bigger crime or smoking is? Gravity is a term that Salman fans lack!
      Why isn’t the police filing its report in salman’s cases that are of million times more importance than a petty isue of smoking relatively! Go and ask that then come and argue here. 😀

      3. The fact is known criminals like Salman are frisked in India regularly.Sanjay Dutt too.SRK is too huge for you all to get him frisked in India.In US,the uproar at his being frisked versus the muted response to APJ Kalam’s frisking shows how his presence is important for the Indian Identity to the foreign world!If you are hurt at that,You can ask Danish for a list of oft repeated biggest hits that dpoes not count the series of unforgettable flops 😉

      4. No i go by that TIME that is universal in its response.It applies for SRK who has a global presence.There is a difference between a roadside dhaba and a five star hotel.Guess for a five star hotel’s review I will rely on a article that is all inclusive and reflects the opinion of many across diverse cultures and opinions! I have never denied HAHK’s sheer magic and also have fought for Salman’s equal force in its BB status. Same many crores of people have handed Salman 26-30 flops in last decade.If I count that opinion all this bullshit of biggest hit goes down the drain.Isn’t it? It is like you want to take the opinion of 10-12 crores Indians for BB of Salman but not for failures of Salman. Changing Parameters is a forte of Salman fans!

      5. Cameroon knows India and SRK. I did not add he had also expressed a desire to work with the most graceful superstar ever.But as the famous quote of SRK goes–“I would rather be a King in hell than a servant in heaven”. 🙂 And when SRK choses to work in a joint venture,not a sole venture of a foreign studio,he choses likes of Schrader and Scorcese. Unlike Sherawat,Anil who have made a joke of themselves by featuring in blink and miss roles. 😉 Waise Salman’s Marigold was hit in Danapur’s inner cinema houses. 😀

      6. Manipulation is a term that Salman fans have used more than they can handle.Nahta I remember much before release had confirmed the budget between 120-130 crores.Yes Ra.One was a disappointment considering hype but then all have it as a HIT.All the more the once famous online member of NG– the one along with BOI and many other sites said–Even after a debacle only 1-2 distributors lost money.To add to that Don 2 surpassed all negativity and beat it.Salman took a decade to beat the negativity.SRK too just 1 film! 😀

      See Salman has NO achievements.His flops make his biggest hits list look miserable.Add to it the lack of ability to do a high budgeted film and drive it to safety or recovery or HIT. 🙂 He does not have a global presence.Yes he has an achievement–to remain No.2 to SRK lifelong.Great achievement that!

      • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        “Promises to quit smoking! Is that your issue?”
        —- No my view was crystal clear. It was about his VOWS.

        About salman he didn’t vow not to kill anybody nor any citizen has vowed for that. His case is in proceedings and you can wait for the verdict b4 getting judgemental. There is a difference between killing and not attempting to murder 😀

        “that dpoes not count the series of unforgettable flops”
        ——- SRK too comes with series of unforgettable flops but not with multiple biggest hits of the year, biggest hits of the decade, More no of ATBB’s, BB’s and Hits than Salman 😉

        Joint Venture – There is no development so far. Once it is released then we can discuss about the fate of the film.

        Nahta I remember much before release also said ” I was mesmerised by what I saw? Stupefied? Dumbfounded? Actually, all of this.”

        See Salman has NO achievements.
        —- Yeah Only lord SRK – the KIng Uncle has basketful of glories 😀

        • milind 12 years ago

          Salman didn’t vow to kill.What a hilarious statement.I mean one needs to via before murdering that he won’t murder.Ha ha.I am laughing to death now.Moral vows are unsaid.Salman fans as usual harping the wrong tune. 😀

          Nahta liking portions of the film and his judgment of budget is as different as I liking Veer but knowing its budget made it a flop.Had they shot it in betia and meerut,it would have been a hit at least. 😀

          SRK has countless flops in last decades.Ha ha ha ha–a delusional Salman fan. 😀
          Maybe not more than five to seven.Thirt by Salman is as pathetic as a beggar saying I earned 1000 a day for five days but went hungry rest of the daya.Compare this to a man who made 750-850 almost daily. 😀 Plus DDLJ alone mauls HAHK in iconic sense.

          Yes good Lord SRK is the greatest and poor squid Salman always gets relegated to oblivion. :D:D

  5. narad_muni 12 years ago

    FS – r u a fan of Danish?

    • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

      I haven’t bowed down to his posts like you did frequently on SB. Seems like you are definitely the one 😀

  6. sputnik 12 years ago


    Both sides have said what they want to say and I don’t think you will be able to convince the other side. So please let it go. There is no point in continuing this debate any more.

    • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

      I have not participated in a long debate with anyone except Milind (this is the fourth time i believe) and we both know where we stand. It feels good to argue with him coz that pushes me to gain some insights about Cinema and Stars personal life or for that matter my fav. I don’t have database of Star’s life neither their filmography unlike Danish or Milind or Shetty bhai but when you are into debate you are the last one to give up on something that you believe in or the belief of your choice and that keeps you going… But at your request i will choose not to go further into the debate which may harm the image of this site created with your hardwork and dedication

      • narad_muni 12 years ago

        well said!
        bhai ka asli fan 🙂

      • sputnik 12 years ago

        Thanks a lot for understanding my point FS. I know its not easy to stop debating (by personal experience) 😉

      • Baba Ji 12 years ago

        fs – u call all those above comments as having some kind of insight? ROFLOL LMAO
        Its time waste nonsense,no one even reads them.i just read 2-3 comments from start,got bored and then read the sputnik comment where he asked both of you to stop.thakfully.

        • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

          read properly babaji, I didn’t say my above comments has some kind of insight but when you try to retrieve information out of thousands of different sources you come across many facts and insights which you hardly know or ever cared for.

        • narad_muni 12 years ago

          Baba ji,
          khule aam le rahe ho! 😉

  7. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    @Babaji – Seems like SRK read my Comment and realised his mistake :smug: SRK pleads guilty for Smoking Cigarette during IPL match at Jaipur.

  8. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    SRK keeping an eye on Future’s No 1 Movie Forum TQ’s movements and debates :smug:

  9. Serenzy 12 years ago

    FS Bhai,


    Quite a Thread this is.

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