Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hug Each other at Baba Siddiques Iftaar Party

  1. Baba 8 years ago

    so ranbir has made khans nervous, they are reuniting 😉
    its not some gesture etc , its a calculated move, the khans are again feeling threatened.they like to compete only among the next sign of ranbirs stardom will come when he develops some haters and conspiratiors 😀

  2. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    hmm… No comments from any Salman or SRK fans yet. Surprised.

  3. Bored 8 years ago

    They shud now do a karan arjun sequel! aamir salman are already planning AAA2.
    It will now take 2 khans to beat one kapoor

  4. syed imran 8 years ago

    well it was some definitely a wow kind of moment… nw jst like the two khans patched up, itz tym even fr their fans to patch up and stop hatred among them… notice guys itz salman who went ahead and hugged SRK nd it certainly not expected from him bcoz of his attitude…

    nw as xpected khans haters will come out wit sum xcuse r da other like they are uniting due to their inferiority toward ranbir’s stardom , PR, r sum criticize r da other…

    ranbir is a star who made big and foothold in the industry solely on the basis of his talent and acting, though i can agree he was helped a lil bit being a star’s son.. (but dat can’t be always, take for instance non actor AB Jr. case)

    ranbir is ranbir just lyk all khans are khans, they can’t be compared to each other and have their own fan following all over india…

    • Baba 8 years ago

      so the self-proclaimed ranbir fan is now questioning his stardom by pointing out his filmy background excuse.i always knew it.but sputnik didnt agree 😉

  5. FS 8 years ago

    A Good gesture by Salman doesn’t mean reunion & why wud salman fans be happy specially whn salman took his work seriously after the fight? Its the srk fans tht are getting excited 😛

    Few sek fans got so excited tht they are teasing Aamir fans on social networking site & don’t understand why. Since whn they started giving so much importance to Salman khan? Due to recent success?

  6. mate 8 years ago

    I don’t care whether they are friends or not. There are so many people who enter and exit from SRK’s friends’ list, sometimes they get slaps and sometimes hugs from him, and this “man” is also one of them so not a big deal for SRK but It surely matters for the other “star” as no one can take risk to have rivalty with SRK for so long. And after his case re-open, he really need SRK support because of his strong political influence, so apparently it’s more a political move than a nice gesture. May be in this way, he can avoid the threat of 10 years imprisonment. 😛

    • FS 8 years ago

      Yet with strong political influence he is treated as stray dog within wankhede stadium rofl

      • mate 8 years ago

        Sacha Ka Saamna karna aasaan nahi hai, mirchi lagti he buhat zor se. 😆

    • stewie griffin 8 years ago

      he is not just anyother man..this man is salman..this person and his family took care of srk in his struggling years..this wasn’t just any type of friendship..these guys were like brother although both seem to have different philosophies..hence this fight hurt both much more coz of their history..this is not vivek salman type of fight where salman doesn’t even’s apparent tht both care..just that after fight egos were ruling in both cases..srk as he said in kjo interview finds it diffficult to make the first move..and salman seems all heart and spur of the moment kinda guy 😀

      • FS 8 years ago

        how close have you been working with the two?

        • stewie griffin 8 years ago

          see salman srk calls him sir interview..ull see from salman’s comments that they were like brothers..hence the hurt..but u can only stay mad for so long 😀

  7. sauravjha 8 years ago

    Awesome news! Hopefully it will end all the negativity surrounding these two. The way they have shown big heart in a full hall shows their character something to learn for the fans of both stars.

  8. yakuza 8 years ago

    I don’t see it as reunion .. it is just that “Samne aa gaye ho .. to chalo thoda decent ho jate hain” types. And sath mein movie karne ki baat to bhul jayo .. Aamir and Salman being friends since ages couldn’t work with each other …. SRK-Salman to matlab hi nahi.

    • stewie griffin 8 years ago

      but yakuza they werent aamne saamne..srk’s was eating while salman was wasn’t a face to face “oh no i can’t avoid him so let’s hug him situation” salman could have just kept walking and noone would have raised an eyebrow..even after passing srk and shaking the hand of the guy next to him,he went back to srk and hugged it definitely looks like let’s bury the hatchet kinda hug ..but funny thing is ppl making up a new conspiracy..khan’s teaming up against ranbir kapoor 😀

  9. ank_16n 8 years ago

    it will do nothing Good for Salman…or may be could take Congress friends of SRK to help him in his court Cases..!!

    while it will just make CE collect 2-3 cr more on its opening day(1st day)..!!

    so none will gain much but positive thing is none will loose either from this..!! 😀

    actually Congress friends of SRK can help Salman in his court case that’s a big positive IMO..!!

    • FS 8 years ago

      While being minister sanjay’s father couldn’t help his son sanjay dutt, let alone srk’s congress friends & who are they? During world cup match, rahul gandhi (prince of congress) was having a party at salman’s house so what more influence one should expect?

      law takes its own course.

      • ank_16n 8 years ago

        i think u don’t know that when sunil dutt was ive he was the one who saved sanju from going to jail 5 times by his congress connection…….it was sunil dutt due to whom sanjay dutt came out of jail after 15 months when sanjay was facing charges of being a terrorist….no one except sanjay came out of jail that time..!!

        on that rahul g partying in salman house i suppose media really can make kids fools….no such thing hapenned it was all rumors..!!

        in 2007-2008 when salman was setenced for 5 years n then released within 20 days he was seen at political stage campaining for 3 congress leaders one if i remember was milind deora son of then oil minister and now a cabinet minister himself..!!

        srk’s congress client includes sanjay jha(creater of website, srk holds stake in rajeev shukla owned production company which even owns a news channel n 1 entertainment/music channel.
        his 2nd best friend is a cabinet minister…

        if u want further detail i can provide it..!! 😀

        • FS 8 years ago

          No such thing happened – offcourse he was partying at ur house. As for campainging, he has done it for his friends belonging to bjp as well as congress. Nw when u urself admit he has congress friends thn y he need srk’s friends? Iam not asking how many friends does srk have or salman has but questioning your senseless logic but again u change the topic & try to show off ur googled search knowledge. If u want to show off something thn tell me tht is unavailable on google.
          Sanjay – he came out n gone in to serve his years in prison so his influence didnt matter at all.

          • ank_16n 8 years ago

            ” try to show off ur googled search knowledge.”
            but once i questionedthis google part u said didn’t meant that n now again repeating this 🙁

            as far as that thingis salman has congress friends why don’t they help them answer is simple salman families close relation ship with shiv sena but with srk coming in will congress will help salman..

            on sanjay again going to jail…again simple answer he got his jail term after the death of sunil dutt n after he joined SP n campaigned for them..!!

          • FS 8 years ago

            Ank – don’t fool urself, all comments r stored in database. Unlike u, I accept my mistakes & did the same thing on tht day (most happiest day of urs). Don’t knw frm where u r quoting the above “didnt meant”?

            Abt congress thing – stop ur excuses, if’s & buts

            Sanjay serving his term, no matter whtever influence he had.

          • ank_16n 8 years ago

            ok bro i gave my point of view u gave yours….
            lets burry this topic n move on.. 🙂

        • phoenix 8 years ago

          Is this based on news that said Srk has bought shares of Bag films? I am not sure of link between Sanjay Jha and SRK. Perhaps you have read some secret RSS document against Khans.

          • ank_16n 8 years ago

            ma’am…..sanjay jha ki history jaan lo sab pata chal jayega..!! 😀

            aisa karo mohan bhagwat ko goli maar aa…..rss khatam mujhe koi farak nahi padega…!! 😀

            aap secular hai main nahi ab khush….mera phicha choddh do…!!

            rss ki books padhne ka time aapke paas hoga mere paas nahi hai time waste karne ko..!!

            khans ke naam ke piche kyu chup rahi ho aap…sidhi sidhi baat pooch 😛

          • FS 8 years ago

            Wo behen hai teri, didi to be precise.

          • ank_16n 8 years ago

            ok fs bro will edit the comment 🙂

            waise aap toh bhai ho na abhi bhi ya kuch karwa liya 😛

  10. ank_16n 8 years ago

    but this patch will give big dis-advantage to FS as now when he will try to insult SRK or make fun of srk with his Decent n Polite language 😀 he will himself be bashed by his fellow Salman fans..!!

    SRK fans toh phele hi the ab toh Salman fans bhi aa gaye FS ke piche 😀 😀

    • stewie griffin 8 years ago

      @ank_16-till the day akki is alive,fs won’t have any ” whom should i bash ?” problems..and the thing is wen he does bash akki,it will be the combined srk salman fanship behind fs and so called “akkians” won’t have a place to hide ie., in twitter fact imagine if shetty bro and anupam bro teamed up..tum logon ki toh phatt jayegi 😀

      • Ranjit Kumar 8 years ago

        hahaha man….. We are akkians because we love akki but if u notice among srk or sallu fans u can see many guys love srk coz they hate sallu and vice versa..
        and rahi baat srk and sallufans united hoke akkians ke khilaf jayenge toh let me clear 1thing it does not matter to us.. Kyoki sher toh akela hi rehta bas …… jhund me aate hai :p hahaha

      • ank_16n 8 years ago


        bhaisab ng days bhul gaye kya???? hai mere khilone ??? 😀

        come on ng with your id u will get all your reply..!! 😛

        • stewie griffin 8 years ago

          u know me..idhar hi dikhawo tumhara reply..kaun kiska khilauna hai woh dikh jayega 😀 khudko ng ka sher samjhte ho..sab se pidte ho..aur baate karte aise ho ki ng ka king ho..hahaha

          • ank_16n 8 years ago

            bhai na tohh main singh hoon na hi kahi ka king….
            main toh sach bolta hoon achhi aapko apne aap lagjaati
            hai 😀
            bhai main na toh sher hoon na hi king main toh bas ek
            chotta sa hissa hoon sab blogs ka….
            and yes i know u my little friend..!!

  11. syed imran 8 years ago

    dude, i agree his background helped him bagging some projects and making a hold in the industry.. but as i said it is not the sole factor for his rise in stardom and popularity… acting aur charm bhi to kuch cheez hoti hain yaar… agar bas filmy background se actor upar pahuchta to abhishekh wud have been the biggest superstar by nw and wud have left all khans and roshan miles behind….

  12. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Salman finally started mending ways before going to jail.

    (most likely the JAIL fear made him act in this way …he is known to be so much stubborn – more than aamir – he spoiled Vivek’s career [with his politics and power ]who is a good actor… sau chuhe kha ke billi haaj ko chali …)

    • Baba 8 years ago

      fully agreed. and vivek is not the only one whose career salman spoiled.all those who stood agaisnt his dadagiri had to pay the price from time to time. it is great how even in the most hostile times in 2007, when no one wanted to offer him anything, vivek managed to get a great performance as maya dolas in SAL and got a hit.i used to sympathise wiht vivek even more when he did that press conference and showed us the real insecure salman.but i didnt like when he apologised to him in public. ofc he was forced to do it as salman made sure vivek got no work, so he pretty much had no choice.

      • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

        People are entitled to their opinions but I don’t think Salman made efforts to ensure that Vivek gets no work. He is someone who simply doesn’t exist for Salman (hasn’t a person got a right to hold a grudge and be indifferent to someone?), and that’s what he has openly admitted every-time someone has asked him about Vivek. Vivek has done as many movies as all the actors that debuted with him (Shahid Kapoor etc.), if not more. He has just not been able to make it- lack of talent or luck- that’s for debate. Maybe some of Salman’s friends and people from his circle might have refrained from casting Vivek, but it’s just like how Umpires don’t give Sachin out LBW very often… Even this year Vivek has had Zilla Ghaziabad (pretty much Shootout genre- with Salman’s close friend Sanjay Dutt as parallel lead), a film with tips (Taurani has always been close to Salman- Prince was also Tips), and has a Rakesh Roshan film coming up. Before this he has worked with Dharma (Kurbaan and Kaal), Vishal Bhardwaj (Omkara), done medium budget movies with established makers like FoolnFinal, Mission Istanbul, Pyaare Mohan, Rakth Charitra etc. He has worked on the second films of directors like Sujoy Ghosh (Home Delivery), also the maker of Ek Chalis ki Last local. He has always been working with people who are also close to Salman.

        So please, I don’t it is fair to drag Vivek’s same to malign Salman. You can find better and more justifiable excuses to do it more emphatically.

        • Baba 8 years ago

          piyush – you should hear from horses mouth, watch the interview of vivek with farah , he spoke in detail what hpdn to him , ofc with a sugary coating(saying it was his mistake etc) as farah is a salman loyalist and he is still not in a position to speak his how the bitch farah makes it look as if its all viveks fault

          • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

            This is no proof. Once he apologized publicly, he had to keep it going. And he apologized? I mean why are we even debating this. Maybe he thought that things weren’t going right for him because of the Salman incident. But maybe he wasn’t just good enough. My personal view- he hardly looks like a hero- can be good as a character artist just like his dad.

            Secondly Farah Khan is no Salman loyalist. She went to him when SRK was out of her life. After she has patched up with SRK, she hardly mentions Salman anymore. She has always been a close SRK aide… Maybe Salman humored her just to rub it in and make SRK feel bad (that I can grant to Salman).

        • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

          And insecure is a word that can be hardly used with Salman. The Vivek Oberoi incidence that has be mentioned, if true, was foolhardiness maybe, hotheadedness, mad rage/ jealousy maybe (if Ash was drifting from him to Vivek), bewilderment for sure (Ash was drifting from HIM to VIVEK!), but not insecurity surely!!

          An insecure person doesn’t support upcoming superstars like he does. He never said that Hrithik gave him sleepless nights. He even supported Hrithik publicly on twitter during Kites when the entire world seemed against him. Ranbir- many examples- openly promoted his first two films, did special appearance in his third. Imran Khan too… even among contemporaries he never ceases to mention films by Akshay/Ajay on twitter.. Aamir toh bhool hee jaao.. when times were good he was always by SRK’s side when his movies released… twitter par he talks of nothing else but movies by others and being human. So insecurity is a word that seems a bit out of place when you are maligning Salman. You can find better and more justifiable maledictions to do it more emphatically.

    • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

      Salman situation as regards to the cases against him has been the same for some time now… he can go in anytime, or the cases may go on till eternity (more likely)… not debating the merits or demerits of the situation and the hopelessness of the judiciary system, just countering your point that Salman made this good gesture and he has sprouted Angel wings just because he is about to be incarcerated, and it has made it compassionate and willing to thaw icy relations! Come on Ritz, better stuff from you surely!

  13. dwnpiyush 8 years ago

    The very public meet and greet (albeit a bit forced and quite brief) is definitely a news worthy moment, but what’s is more interesting is SRK’s tweet about turning a page on which he was stuck for quite a while, and the timing of that tweet. The tweet was made early morning (around 5 if I am not wrong), that’s just when the news was beginning to pick up momentum (that’s when all the newspapers get thrown into our houses isn’t it?). And today the leading national daily TOI carried the pic of the reunion (?) on the front page (that’s the first thing that I saw when I woke up). So, just because of that tweet, there are two scenarios possible in my view:

    1. The patch-up did happen and the two had a chat… and the hug was NOT just a courtesy gesture made out of respect for the occasion and the host…

    2. The hug was nothing but a courtesy gesture. And SRK made the tweet just to capitalize on the opportunity and gain some great press just before the release of his film (which is looking really thanda going by the reactions in both the real and the virtual world). The tweet really makes one believe that a big grand patch-up did happen or is about to happen… SRK’s clever articulation and choice of words has always been admirable.

    I hope the first scenario is true, though gut feeling says the second one is likelier…

  14. ank_16n 8 years ago


    i think u don’t know that when sunil dutt was ive he was the one who saved sanju from going to jail 5 times by his congress connection…….it was sunil dutt due to whom sanjay dutt came out of jail after 15 months when sanjay was facing charges of being a terrorist….no one except sanjay came out of jail that time..!!

    on that rahul g partying in salman house i suppose media really can make kids fools….no such thing hapenned it was all rumors..!!

    in 2007-2008 when salman was setenced for 5 years n then released within 20 days he was seen at political stage campaining for 3 congress leaders one if i remember was milind deora son of then oil minister and now a cabinet minister himself..!!

    srk’s congress client includes sanjay jha(creater of website, srk holds stake in rajeev shukla owned production company which even owns a news channel n 1 entertainment/music channel.
    his 2nd best friend is a cabinet minister…

    if u want further detail i can provide it..!! 😀

    • aryan 8 years ago

      Sanjay Dutt’s final plea in 1993 blasts case rejected by Supreme Court

      Actor Sanjay Dutt has exhausted his last legal option in the 1993 Bombay blasts case after the Supreme Court today dismissed his curative petition that had sought a review of the court’s verdict. The Supreme Court had sentenced him to five years in jail in March.

      The Supreme Court dismissed Mr Dutt’s petition, saying no case has been made out for it to review its decision of convicting the actor.

      A curative petition is filed after the dismissal of the review petition and is decided in the chambers of judges, and not in open court.

      The 53-year-old actor, who has been convicted in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case for illegal possession of weapons, surrendered before a special court in Mumbai on May 16. He is currently lodged in Pune’s Yerawada Jail.

      In March this year, the Supreme Court upheld his conviction in the case but reduced a trial court sentence of six years to five years. But the actor now has to serve 42 months in jail as he has already served 18 months 20 years ago, part of it at the Yerawada prison.

  15. FS 8 years ago

    Ritz – Abhishek failed to become a superstar because he ditched salman by marrying Aishwarya.

    Amitabh is not getting good work because He is Salman’s ex’s in-law.

    John Abraham has wooden expressions courtesy due to Salman

    Vivek’s films failed because salman didn’t but tickets.

    Shahid kapoor screwed up & is way behind ranbir kapoor because he took the liberty of teaching some dance steps to Salman

    Aamir’s Talaash didn’t cross 100cr coz salman ruined the boxoffice with masala films.

    Hrithiks guzaarish boxoffice was ruined because he worked with salman’s ex & foe sanjay leela.

    • phoenix 8 years ago

      Add to it, Aishwarya ran away to Hollywood because ????

  16. phoenix 8 years ago

    I have never been able to understand one thing about Salman. How the hell does he can have so much clout that he goes about helping and introducing / helping guys like Suraj Pancholi and even Himesh Reshammiya? Everyone of these guys seem to owe it to Salman. Weird. Even supposed Filmfare power list toppers like Aamir have not had power to make people. It is a very complicated industry. Strangely,most people who went against him have had same fate of titanic hitting an iceberg. That poor blogger journalist didn’t have a chance.

    • stewie griffin 8 years ago

      phoenix that poor blogger said he was threatened and then still went on to post another blog where he insinuated salman had forced him to delete the posts..that isn’t a poor blogger,he is a slimy journalist extracting maximum mileage of publicity

  17. stewie griffin 8 years ago

    about owing it to salman,these guys were given chances by salman in his own productions or movies he worked in or working for ppl ( sanjay leela bansali) wen no one would dare to touch them..after that what happens to their career is in their fate..what’s so weird in it?

  18. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago


    When salman himself bluffed in Aap Ki Adaalat on the direct question on this driving incident …by something on the lines of “toh yeh scene tha bhaisaab” and did not answer anything directly – I had the gut feeling that he is hiding something and not coming upfront. If he is a man he has to admit his mistake (drunken driving) and not give any other excuses…then he should have told the truth upfront. Even if he is trying to protect someone close , this does not look good – the answer by him “toh yeh scene tha ” is crap.

    For me he is kind of person who makes up stories around that incident for some reason or another. Everyone is good enough in real life – no one is absolutely black – no need to defend salman so much. But for me the cover up matters a lot – he seems to be like covering up lot of things…by his answers in media.

  19. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Salman tells why he hugged SRK and does a nice plug for Being Human. He is so cool about SRK’s CE beating his movie collections and says that he will try to beat CE with his next movie and that Aamir is also coming and that Ranbir is also doing well.

    • shan 8 years ago

      Love how chilled out he is and how casually he takes the competition and boxoffice numbers. I have been asked hundreds of times why I like Salman Khan. This frank nature is probably the only reason I can think of. His movies are terrible (at least lately), his sense of humor in movies is questionable (again, lately; he was pure gold in Andaz Apna Apna where Aamir trumped him or even in something as juvenile as Judwaa), his personal life is debatable, but his forthright nature is something worth emulating.

    • Reddemon 8 years ago

      Lol looks like is frustated at his failure of Breaking 3idiots record which CE broke. So he is blabbering even when he is not asked about it.

      • phoenix 8 years ago

        Are you Rex? the Harry Potter fan???

        • FS 8 years ago

          No bash, he is a new member Khan1/Jealous Hater of Shahruk/reddemon.

          Rex is Soumya – his comments appear as Soumya coz he comments through fb account which is linked to tanqeed.

  20. saurabh 8 years ago

    after Dabang success he chnaged a lot… and is very cool… srk uses diplomacy, but salman is always straigh fwd… but now he is very cool about many things…especially about Bo and movies(may be he dont care much)… from MNIK till DON2 srk looked more frustrated in interviews, if u compare his older interviews with these… but i guess during jthj he became very much honest and happy in his interviews.. and after abram he is now very cool and confident and more honest.. also after ce sucess this thing again saw a rise…. though i agree from mnik to don 2 he was very troubled in his personal life too..

  21. Reddemon 8 years ago

    No i am Not Rex.

    Look how the ‘other’ Khans are getting frustrated 😆

    What have you done Shahrukh?

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