Panipat Official Trailer starring Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon

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  1. sputnik 3 years ago

    Looks like another propaganda movie after Padmaavat. Same Hindu Vs Muslin nonsense where all the Hindu characters are portrayed as virtuous/heroic and the Muslim characters are evil/barbarian. Abdali had a decisive victory at Panipat but from the trailer it feels like the opposite happened. But then this is what can be expected of Ashutosh after having made Jodhaa Akbar.

    An older comment of mine on Jodhaa Akbar.

    “I can also say that beneath the veneer of secularism Jodhaa Akbar is nothing but a Hindu rewite of Akbar’s story. Almost all Muslims in Jodhaa Akbar are barbarians while the Hindus are all good people. Even Sonu Sood’s character is brainwashed by the bad Muslim guy. There’s no way that Akbar married a Hindu woman in the 1500s without converting her to Islam at least technically but Ashutosh shows that she demanded that she will remain Hindu. Jodhaa is given too much importance and it is implied that Akbar became a secular ruler because of Jodhaa. Why cannot Akbar be genuinely secular?” Link

    Arjun Kapoor looks completely miscast. Sanjay Dutt looks like Kancha Cheena from Agneepath.

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