Mohenjo Daro Official Trailer starring Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hegde

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    WTF is this? The Art direction with respect to sets is the only good thing. With the title Mohenjo Daro one would think it would be about Dravidians and they were supposed to be dark skinned with thick lips. But then this is another fantasy movie of Ashutosh Gowariker with his invented stuff.

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    Forgot to mention that Hrithik is overacting like anything. And a flying crocodile? WTF.

  3. Ritz 8 years ago

    Haha, Flying crocodile.

  4. aryan 8 years ago

    There is no doubt Hrithik is overacting average trailer.

  5. aryan 8 years ago

    ampy trip to ancient civilisation!

    Hrithik’s intensity around Mohenjo Daro’s rambling spectacle is touching even if the promos pack in more swagger than substance and reveal Gowariker’s preference for opulence over realism, feels Sukanya Verma.

  6. FS 8 years ago

    French Kiss was also invented by Mohenjodaro

  7. kumar 8 years ago

    I have always liked HR over so called OverHyped Khans cuz his hard work is visible.According to me #JodhaAkbar was d film that turned d table for HR in terms of Acting nd since #MohenjoDaro is d Coming back of d Epic Jodi that made JODHA AKBAR famous in every household my Expectation frmthis JODI nd specially Aashutosh Gowarikar aws HUGE. JA didnt took a Massive Opng but has Long Run at Ticket Window due to Good WOM.

    #MohenjoDaro Teaser was Very Good if you talk about catching Public Eye and was very well appreciated by one n all but if u look at it creatively u wld know that makers are not prepared and has released it Early due to MohenjoDaro VS Rustom Clash .

    Coming to the #MohenjoDaroTrailer I was expecting nothing less than a MAGIC on Celluloid that takes me back to an ERA never seen before with a refreshing Story and Excellent CGI nd VFX as its made on a Collosal Budget of 120Cr+ and has been made with Much Reserach and time Spent .
    According to me Trailer was Okayiiish . Hrithik Roshan is Amazing as an actor ..His Committment towards his Character is Exemplery and his chemistry with Pooja is Good but the VFX and CGI is a big let Down . I am feeling more let down frm Aashutosh Gowarikar .

    I feel Makers of #Mohenjodaro were in a Hurry to release d trailer and were of d View to Sabotage #Rustom by Over d Top Marketing Strategy.Its okk to be aggressive but only when your product is Ready.It seems like the trailer is Half Baked…Narration doesnt look impressive and Sets are way too ordinary as compared to a big Budget Period Drama. I am 200% Sure Mohenjodaro film wld be much much better than what is shown in the Trailer.Instead of sabotaging others one shd concentrate on Quality of one’s Product. Akshay Kumar is on a Golden run with 2 Outright Superhits in 4 Months time and d Current Fav. of Classes Makers of #Rustom decided not to shift the release as Its made on 35-40Crs Controlled Budget as Compared to 120Cr+ Massive Budget of Mohenjodaro. This Resulted in makers of Mohenjodaro take a aggresive and Fast approach towards releasing Teaser> Trailer that ended up in a wrong decision.It was Evident as Hrithik Unfollowed Akshay Kumar [ Rustom Star] on twitter just few min before Releasing #Mohenjodaro trailer.

    I hope it would be more of a Classic battle this time as i expect d best of Mohenjodaro to come in next few weeks and #Rustom having NeerajPandey stamp on also shd be a Classic Thriller.Lets hope its a battle of two Classics that wld be remember for a longer time.

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