Lungi Dance Song – Chennai Express

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    sauravjha 8 years ago

    Mazaa aaya catchy tune 🙂

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    FS 8 years ago

    Bakwas!!! Worst song of the album

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    aryan 8 years ago

    Time waste Song.

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    WTF is this? For a song titled Lungi Dance SRK is dressed in a suit.

    I don’t see the tribute to Rajni. Rajni should be embarassed watching this. Looks like SRK is grasping at straws trying to court the Tamil audience.

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      mate 8 years ago

      Agree on Lungi part.
      First of all, I don’t think Rajni is the kind of personality to whom SRK is given tribute. Even if he does because of his popularity in a particular region, then why should he be embarassed. I mean Apni khud ki 3rd class movies dekh kar to wo kabhi embarass nahi hua, to yeh to phir acha bhala song hai. 😆

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    mate 8 years ago

    Neither the best nor the worst song, infact all the songs are equally good including this, however this is the most catchy tune as sauravjha said above . Irrespective of good or bad, this song is quite unnecessary, I mean what is the need to pay tribute to Rajnikanth, just because the movie is based in south, so by doing all this stuff can add some bucks at the ticket window. I don’t think most of the Rajni fans are going to watch this just because this is a homage to their idol, so all the money Srk spent on this promotional song & video is total waste. However If SRK has done just out of respect for Rajnikant (that is more likely) then it’s fine. SRK may or may not be benefitted by this song, but one thing is sure, this song will definitely benefit Rajni, help him to expand his fame out of Tamil cinema.

  6. Baba
    Baba 8 years ago

    srk misusing rajnis brand to make his film hit?

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      mate 8 years ago

      Yes SRK misusing Rajni’s brand to make his film hit, but the question is how many hits Rajni has given in bollywood. If I’m not mistaken his only hindi movie was ROBOT collecting 25-30 cr nett. Really Rajni brand ki worth to buhat zayada hai yaar, SRK please don’t misuse it. 😛

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        mate 8 years ago

        Ok, I take back my words. Just come to know, he appeared in some hindi movies as well as a side actor, and more or less all of them were either Flops or Disasters. Though I occasionally watch the regional movies of some famous stars like Rajni and Nagarjuna, still don’t know about their bollywood career mainly because that is absolutely disasterous.

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      Reddemon 8 years ago

      Are you a Journalist?

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    mate 8 years ago

    By the way, Deepika looks totally disinterested in the whole video. SRK is charming and energetic as usual.

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    krish Saini 8 years ago

    SRK ne “Chain nahi express” Mein Lungi song kyu daala?
    Coz SRK ko Laga Agar Uski chain khuli bhi reh gayi toh Kam se Kam uski yeh Lungi toh uski izzat bacha legi 🙂 😛 😀

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    FS 8 years ago

    Actually this song will do more damage thn good & kills the curiosity level it generated or whatever attention it gathered for a while

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    yakuza 8 years ago

    “Andha Kanoon” and “Gireftaar” were Huge Hits and “HUM” was Hit too. But agree, he is GOD figure and worshipped only in his state. In fact he was stock of laughing material to north people till 4-5 years back .. its just after Shiva and Robot, Jokes turned into superhero ones.

  11. Ranjit Kumar
    Ranjit Kumar 8 years ago

    WOW! Srk rocked man….ab aya hai na srk apni aukat me … Mast lag raha hai ye gaana bhi aur gaane me naach rahe srk.. Sure shot bb…minimum 188cr

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    Bored 8 years ago

    Gross and crass, no need for SRK to pull up his lungi imo …

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    jeetu 8 years ago


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    jeetu 8 years ago

    i think srk came just after plastic surgery just as he does before every item song in his movie. and he is wearing glasses to hide his age. But, problem here is this whole video. It sucks from choreography to music, from so called tribute to pathetic lyrics.

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    Classical Song even won of the best In last 20 years . SRK Looking best After Ra.One . GO Lungi Go !!!!

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    jeetu 8 years ago

    ‘kanhi lungi khul na jaye’
    khul gayi lungi ..khulne do. Kahe ka darr hai..buddhi umar hai.
    Ha Ha Ha

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    Syed imran 8 years ago

    Wow!! Superb song.. Lykd the choreography nd wat a way of tribute to rajni sir.. Best song of the album..

    As usual srk haters criticising the song… Sync they cant raise their lungis fr lungi dance…lolz

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    As expected from SRK.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    This is utterly disgusting – the video.
    When I heard the song it was fine. But SRK not wearing lungi indirectly projects those who are wearing lungis are to be laughed at (especially with wordings like “Lungi Utha ke” etc ). As if Rajni has danced with his lungi (first of all he never wore a one – it was always “Vesti”) up !!

    Even the “Thalaiva” chorus was not there in the earlier song – this is added later.

    And give me a break; do “Anna” and “Thalaiva” mean same? (Anna ke jaisa chashma laga ke).

    Never expected perfection from SRK but atleast some common sense and decency especially when he is doing a movie based on south.

    Deepika is totally uninterested in the song. And I think Vishal Shekhar and Rohit Shetty too. (as per Vishal he confirmed with director before blasting on twitter against Yo Yo)………… Seems like SRK has this habit of misusing people as per his mood (he manipulated Ra.One too without taking director in confidence …without directors approval included songs and unnecessary scenes…. as told by close friend of Ra.One director).

    It seems (As per common knowledge about his psychology or any other stupid filmwallas like him // choice of Mika as singer) …that he included this song to attract north indians? And him not wearing lungi kind of confirms it.

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      sauravjha 8 years ago

      Baap re baap! Why so serious sir? I can bet that the person for whom this tribute is dedicated doesn’t have an iota of problem with it just like he didn’t had during! Its a fun song and its supposed to be taken so, its not a documentary on how south Indian acts or live. Personal equation has lot to do with what liberty one takes and me, you and everyone knows what equation SRK shares with big heavyweights of South India. Kamal hassan, Rajnikanth everybody just loves SRK and they never seemed to have any problem with him. In fact going by the responses many people from south have loved the song and its the North Indian people who are being offended!? Itna kya har baat pe offense sir? Don’t people watch south Indian movies? How do they portray north Indian people there’s never been any hoopla about it! Why this hue and cry everytime a bollywood movie is made? Arre sir funny movie hai pasand aaya to hanso nai to mat dekho simple! What better way to protest than to not watch it? Also aisa bhi nai hai ki SRK has not been at the receiving end of these things! Watch Besharam trailer, watch YPD2 ( don act done by Johny Lever), Singh is King etc etc done by the so called ‘north indian’ people! But as I said its personal equations that matter SRK never created any hoopla about it, not a word even! Fir kya problem sir? Khair yahan to people are loving the song and this “ploy” as u call it has worked work for the movie! Bas baki aap jaisa smjho wo sahi. Thanks.

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    Drishtant Mishra SRKIAN 8 years ago

    nice words written by u.. MR. SAURAV… gud stand by… i loved it… so true… SRK is always an inspiration… for us… what he gave b’wood no one can… n what he is giving today..on one can do dis.. just loved the song…. ANNA or Thalaiva jo b ho… music me acha laga.. gud wrk by vishal n shekhar…
    SRK jo b hai..jaise b h.. aaj BAADSHAH… KING…k naam se jaane jaate h..
    n GOD for many… people.. too
    even RA.ONE was a awesome movie.. nice graphics… work… story.. songs…
    nice SRV JHA
    n hope Anjanpur685Miles will get sone thing in his mind too
    proud to b SRKIAN <3

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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    Now i have little hope on CE….
    wait my predictions for CE will be out by 5th August..!! 😀

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    This song Land of Lungi is better. The tune is of the song Down Under by Men At Work which I had posted as SOTD a few days back. Link

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    Suprabh 8 years ago

    Saw the video and heard the song..I am surprised at the audacity of the makers of the song and srk/rohit shetty . In a crystal clear way they are not only stereotyping the Tamil Audience but also saying..These morons just care about one poster of Rajini …so we will give them that and these morons will show up for Chennai Express just because of that.

    height of stereotyping is – calling it Lungi dance..and height ridiculousness is making an absolutely non-tributary song.

    If the song actually would have been even 1% worthy of being called a tribute..I would have praised it..but this looks like microwaved Shit ..and Im not even talking about srk’s face

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago


    I disliked my own comment just to give you a company. 😀


    Well said, its taking Tamil audience granted.

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    yakuza 8 years ago

    How about these Lungi Songs from 80’s ?? The real one ..

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      sputnik 8 years ago

      I am from Hyderabad and that Amitabh’s dialogues in that song are crap and not Hyderabadi. Mehmood started this whole thing about Hyderabadi dialogues which was crap and has been repeated by every one. In fact if someone spoke like that in Hyderabad they will be mocked as “Gaon Wale” meaning villagers.

      For authentic Hyderabadi dialogues watch The Angrez.

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    yakuza 8 years ago

    Woww .. Liked this Land of lungi .. 🙂

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago


    The real one?

    Show me one “Ayyar” anywhere in world who is a nariyalpaaniwala or doing some such work..

    Duh !!!

    Bollywood’s ignorance about South is not new. .. be it social strata/food/dressing/language etc. Atleast now its better . In 80s/90s it was worse.

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    phoenix 8 years ago

    I haven’t seen RaOne, or this song. One thing I need to say about people talking about stereotype whether Chennai Express poster or about lungi. They must watch Tamil films. Nearly every film Tamil film these days has a roadside song with the hero drinking ‘local sarruku’ (slang for local alcohol) and dancing with local friends (typically clad in a lungi folded high up as to show boxer shorts inside). Exactly like the picturization of the ‘1 2 3 4 song’. Typically, these very much indigenous Tamil songs also have hero in a cool jeans.

    Or worse, Simbu wore his lungi over jeans in his recent special appearance dance number in ‘Ethirneechal’. You have Dhanush dancing dappankuthu on the streets with lungi raised over his head in the National award winning movie. And of course Vijay dressed as a lungi coolie in some foreign country stalking a North Indian girl… When these guys do it, its not a problem. But if Shahrukh and Deepika turn up in a lungi, with boots, its somehow a problem???

    The thing is, wearing lungi, engaging in dappankuttu, drinking local sarrakku etc have become a very male thing to do, with a drinking buddy, a drinking ritual. I personally think, these things carry the same level of crassness as the male discussions in this very site, Baba’s informational picture about what length of a woman’s skirt tells about her character and the subsequent ‘male joy’ …

    Supposed Tamilians who cry foul are a segment that is ashamed of themselves, A segment that does not wear lungi, consider themselves more westernized, civilized, urbanized among their own crowd. I am sure even among other states there must be some people who simply hate their own identity and want to show themselves just as westernized as the rest.

    And guess what, North Indians are horribly stereotyped in Tamil films. Mostly as wimps (or in general emasculated/effeminate men lacking courage) or rich spoiled brats, good looking womanizers and ofcourse, Settu (Marwadi). I have known of a Tamil movie which referenced a North Indian character as ‘Chappati maavu’ … (Chappati atta) racist comment on North Indian pale skin. So, people shedding crocodile tears about poor Tamilian stereotyped again and again, can give it a rest.

    Tamilians give don’t give damn about Hindi movies. If SRK, dances in a lungi, Tamilians are more likely to whistle and dance along, in sheer celebration of local culture.

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    yakuza 8 years ago

    This post is about Lungi Dance … not about Iyer selling coconut. Whatever u say .. both these songs are much more entertaining .. specially Mehmood act of Bachchan wearing Lungi is awesome.

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    mate 8 years ago

    I’ve a tamalian friend who is a big fan of Rajni. He found this song very entertaining, and he said that I enjoyed every bit of it, you may call this video a stereotype but then which bollywood movie don’t represent regional characters as a stereotype. The main thing is that he didn’t find this video rude or disrespectful atleast from the intention. Then why some people especially the tamilians felt they are represented as If they are morons.
    I think there may be two reasons that they feel in such a way, He said;
    1. The person is not a tamilian at all, and he might have some other issues which are non concerning here including some inherent issues. I like to quote a famous saying; ‘A guilty conscience needs no accuser.’ A thief always feel as a suspicion even though he is not indulging in a theft. Similarly a moron always feel disrespect towards not only himself but also for others whom you give esteem. They are the shittest creature of this universe.
    2. If the person is a tamilian, then he must be an NRI, who lost his identity long ago, feeling depressed and uncomfortable, but instead of making confess, find these sort of opportunities as a way to overcome his wrong-doing.
    Thanks a ton my dear friend, for clearing all my doubts. 😀

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    jeetu 8 years ago

    My tamil and telugu friends who are big srk fans found themselves in embarrassing situation after watching this video. They dissed srk after this just when they were ready to excuse srk for fake cameo of rajni in disaster raone.

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      mate 8 years ago

      Thank God, atleast my comment helped you to grow your friendlist. 😆 But seriously that’s not a funny at all, and it would be better If you write something on your own, even if it would be a nasty one.

  32. Ranjit Kumar
    Ranjit Kumar 8 years ago

    The thing that is to b understand that srk can’t give a hit film on his own….
    in case of ce
    he booked the screens with help of Himmatwala and now requesting peoples to watch movie on the name of Rajnikant …..
    abb kya bolu superSatellite Srk k baare me :p
    Ps. Star has its own light but satlite needs light of other stars…in case srk fans can’t understand the truth 😉

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    I haven’t seen or heard a single Tamil movie with a major star in it where north Indians are stereotyped **

    ** – especially a movie which is based on North Indians

    (Abhiyum Naanum was not even about North Indians didnt even have a major star ..but it still didnt ridicule northies. I know tamilians make fun of northies way too much but thats in every state. But major heroes or directors in tamil whose movies are even partly based on north take care of knowing culture / sensibilities … The problem here is once u base your movie on a North-South divide – execute it properly man! )

    Kamal is a master in this – he did not dub Avvayi Shanmugi but remade it. SRK does not have even 10% of that patience or common sense….one needs to have respect and knowledge about other culture.

    Srk cant even speak a line in Tamil even after basing a movie on that theme – isnt it a shame? On stage on promotional events he was like not caring much about that …take any other actor – would he do that? I mean any??

    There should be a basic minimum understanding of other culture when u r basing a movie on that theme.

    Here the movie is about Chennai so stereotyping hurts and wearing lungi is not a problem at all.. NOT wearing it is!

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    Bored 8 years ago

    It cuts both ways – regional films should not be making caricature mockery of other regions, neither can SRK be justified with examples of similar stereotypes in Tamil movies.

  35. Avatar
    Tulmul 8 years ago

    Sputnik :

    ” For authentic Hyderabadi dialogues watch The Angrez.”

    Why Angrez? Why not you. your podcast 😉

    • Avatar
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Ha Ha. No need for that. The Angrez covers all hyderabadi accents from Old City guys to Hitech City guys.

  36. Avatar
    Suprabh 8 years ago

    I couldn’t go beyond 30 minutes of The angrez. I wanted to like it.,.but I couldn’t

    I can understand that it appeals to the native population more..just like some north indian spoofy movie movie may appeal to me more..

    For me The angrez was like- I dont need to see this..I see all this at work place everyday.

  37. Avatar
    Tulmul 8 years ago

    Sup :

    Same here.

  38. saurabh
    saurabh 8 years ago

    Mate, Rajni sir himself has given the node to this song… Nd its not about cashing the Tamil audience, look SRK has never done anything like this except ra one.. Nd all movies are blockbusters though not as Salman,but come at 2nd position.. SRK done this to just pay the tribute to Rajni sir because of his popularity

  39. saurabh
    saurabh 8 years ago

    @anjan658 itni smjh h to ap kyu ni bnate movie.. SRK sbse bda star h, mujhe lgta h ose apse jyada smjh hogi. Ap bas comment kriye or SRK k sahare apni popularity bdaiye…

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    phoenix 8 years ago

    Saw the song. Nothing wrong in it. Dappankuthu in essence is not very different from Bhangra. Nice to see two essentially similar elements separated by geography, get together through a song.

    I am pretty sure if SRK wore lungi, he would been crticized for other reasons i.e called cheapster doing vulgar steps like lifting lungi etc…

    mate is right. Only Tamilians who are ashamed of lungi would feel insulted by the song.

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