Bol Bachchan Theatrical Trailer

  1. Baba Ji 7 years ago

    Bachchan fans to Rohit Shetty after seeing Bol Bachchan Promo : ” Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda, ajay devgan hater bana ke chhoda” 😀

  2. Baba Ji 7 years ago

    just saw the makes singham and gomal series look less crappy.But for whatever the film is worth,it looks like an out n out ajay devgan film as was clear from the posters released.rohit shetty has sidelined abhishek completely.Not that we didnt know about it but some fans were still in denial,not anymore

    .Overall poor acting from all.But ajay devgan is harsh.He took the bigger herione asin opposite him and gave abhishek the smaller actress prachi desai.Also the movie has a singham narrative going for him.he is smart.

  3. fearlesssoul 7 years ago

    Baap of Bodyguard in action. Abhishek ka bhai Abbas Ali – Tashan 😉 who is Akshay fan rofl

  4. aryan 7 years ago

    Third Class Trailer. I am sure Ajay & Abhishek will get worst acting award for this movie.

  5. milind 7 years ago

    Bland trailer.Pathetic AB.Ajay’s comic acting looks so weird.Was watching ajay-akki combo suhaag today.Ajay acted nice there at least.That grave look for which he gets awards,is akin to Salman doing a oooeeewaooo and then giggle or SRK doing his romantic line recitation or Aamir looking flat and blank while being serious.Ajay was good in Singham but he looks bad at comedies.Did not like it.That Maajhi Khaji satkel looks funny now.

  6. Author
    sputnik 7 years ago

    Trailer looks like Tees Maar Khan (sets at 48 sec) + Singham.

    Ajay’s character seems part Golmaal 3 and part Singham. He seems to be trying too hard and overacting at places. I hope he doesn’t have too many of those nonsensical English dialogues ala Tashan. But it does seem that he is the main lead or at least they are promoting the movie with him as the main lead.

    Abhishek is looking like Raj Babbar at 46 seconds. He might have a good role but his acting seems bad from the trailer.

    Found only one line “Abhishek Bachchan ka bhai Abbas Ali” funny.

    And that last line “My chest has become blouse” is not even funny. It is copied from the line “With happiness my chest became breast” from Munnabhai chale Amerika trailer.

  7. aryan 7 years ago

    Rohit Shetty should learn how to make a good comedy movie from Raju Hirani.

  8. sanket porwal 7 years ago

    Sputnik- I dont think this is copied or something else. I dont think Shetty will peep into one video and pick up a dialogue, modify them and will make some space for this dialogue in his films.

    Aryan- Rajkumar hirani’s films and Rohit Shetty’s films are poles apart. One makes sensible comedies and other makes senseless comedies. As simple as that. Rohit Shetty got huge success in comedy. 5 out of 6 of his comedies has been very well appreciated. So I dont really think Shetty needs to learn from anyone. He is best in his business.

    • Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      That dialogue was very funny and that trailer was liked by everyone. So he does not have to peep. When I heard the dialogue I was instantly reminded that I heard similar dialogue before. He just changed it to blouse but it took away all the humor in it.

    • aryan 7 years ago

      U mean to say Rohit should continue the senseless comedy movies again and again.

  9. Sneha 7 years ago

    Sputnik – I hav forgot my password of SB ID..

  10. cr7 7 years ago

    disappointing .even can’t give it a go saying typical rohit shetty film..jokes are flat..ajay as usual weird in comedy..

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