Blast from the Past: Preity Zinta Filmfare Interview after Dil Chahta Hai

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    Serenzy 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Priety Zinta!

    You were and will always remain My 1st Ever Onscreen Crush. <3

    Thanks for kinda "helping" Me Out thru My Difficult Teenage Period 😉

    You certainly deserved much better in Life but anyways, will watch 'Ishq in Paris' FDFS Despite of Knowing, it's a Crap Movie at the Outset.

    Rock On Girl!
    Lots and Lots of LOVE!

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    Aza 8 years ago

    Ah! Its so wonderful to get back sometimes with old interviews of Preity Zinta. Im her fan from day one i saw her, have so many photos pictures stickers..i dont know, she is the first ever actress i fell for, and wanted to be like her, not the way she looks but the way she is behaving, talking and positioning herself in real life, and it didnt take much time, because as years passed i realize that i already was like her, totally. Thank You Preity Zinta for making me smile and happy by me whole teenage years and mostly school days. that was when i used to wake up in the morning just thinking that i will go to the market after school and buy your pictures, postcards. I will always have respect and love for you. Waiting for Ishq In Paris, wish it comes out soon.

    P.S. Some strangers who don’t really know me say that i look like her, some say “oh my God!, you look familiar but i cant remember where i saw you, ….couple of hours later or days later they come up saying oh! i remember you look like that actress you know with a Dimple and straight theeth. “well i guess thats Preity Zinta they are all talking about.

    Happy Birthday!! Ting:)

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