Arnab Goswami on SRK’s Ugly Spat

  1. Baba Ji 8 years ago

    Excuse me but this debate is based on expressions of people in some freaking pics and some doctored videos? and that punk arnab calls them evidences? :laugh2: this is height of WTF-ism 😀

    first arnab n co say “this is a country of equals…..”no one is celeb”

    then he says

    “how could someone especially srk do such a thing when he is a public figure?”

    Now I am confused whether srk should behave as a citizen of India or as a celeb.If so ,should be tried with the laws applicable on a citizen or a celeb :rofl:

  2. hithere 8 years ago

    a Rowdy debate and Arnab is far too aggressive 🙂

    There are two undeniable facts and rest are our opinions..
    1. SRK lost his cool.
    2. Kids were 10-15 meter inside the ground.

    I shudder at Mr MN Singh’s line of thought. He was Police Commisioner. His point was correct it is civil misconduct but “seriously” .

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Yes it is a Rowdy debate more like a fish market. Everyone is screaming and cutting each other off.

      Arnab instead of hearing both sides out has already decided who is guilty based on the pictures and audio recording available. The audio recording and the pictures are both from the point where SRK is already angry – there are no pictures/audio/video from the start and I am surprised that there is no video of the whole altercation in this age of cell phone cameras.

      Yes he is right that there was no criminal misconduct. I think the Commissioner meant that the guard could have been polite. He was saying “treat with dignity”.

      I don’t know if this was the case here or not but usually cops and security guards in India are very rude to people.

      • hithere 8 years ago

        Agreed about cops behaviour in general is very rough. I think cops should be given psychological evaluation and their compensation should be better.

  3. John Galt 8 years ago

    This is one of the most idiotic debates I have ever seen. Its even worse than some of the blog wars.

    Arnab is plain headstrong and biased (he is not being a good host in any way)

    The film industry people are plain biased too- they just dont want to be on the wrong side of shahrukh

    Arun lal is trying to play safe

    Mayank Shekhar whosoever he is..looks like a fan of a rival star

    Shobhaa de is having the time of her life.

    The lawyer has a preformed opinion too..

    There is almost no one who is being neutral and reasonable except probably the lady in blue at times.

    Needless to say the fans and the haters will only believe what they want to while the matter in hand should actually be, how to prevent any of this in the future.

    One thing Arnab was greatly wrong about was this statement – “India is a country of equals”

    No Mister, India is not a country of equals- in fact its the exact opposite of it.

  4. Rajeev 8 years ago

    Arnab is india”s rage icon as he is always outraged 🙂

    1.Pranoy Roy although is highly opiniated atleast allows its guests to talk.
    2.Arnab Goswami ,sagarika ghosh,rahul kanwail are always under some kind of rage..They do not allow anybpdy to talk.
    3.Burkha dutt,nidhi razdan amd all the NDTV guys are agendic and they stagemange their shows to suit their agenda although they do it very subtly.
    4.Rajdeep sardesai is better of the lot..

  5. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    SRK’s interview after the win against Pune.

  6. Milind 8 years ago

    Arnab is to journalism what Rakhi Sawant is to Page 3

  7. Avinash Singh 8 years ago

    Arnab, u can burn in hell dude!!! Nobody gives a fuck abt what u say or what u opine!!!!

  8. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party : Arnab’s Qtiyapa

    • shan 6 years ago

      Just watched this! Brilliant!! Excellent imitation of mannerisms!

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        Yes the guy doing Arnab imitation was excellent.

        Some lines were hilarious “First of all you can’t speak for so long on my show” and when he cuts off the critic saying “I have to cut you off because you have started to talk some sense”. The guy who was imitating Arvind Kejriwal was good too.

    • Ipman 6 years ago

      LOL! superb imitation of arnab and kejriwal. even the bollywood version of kejriwal has the right concerns! 😀 liked the jibe on ghajini and dhoom 3

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        Ha Ha Yeah liked that jibe. Also liked the Jai Ho jibe 🙂

    • Bored 6 years ago

      Super! Awesome spoof – LOL

  9. Serenzy 6 years ago

    Great spoof by TheViralFever after such a long time.

    Though, All India Bakchod entered into this late, I think they are doing a better job than TVF, at the moment. AIB is just too much AWESOME-ness.

    • saurabh sharma 6 years ago

      disagree here.
      watch all videos of TVF and u will realize they are simply awesome.

      till now i haven’t seen anything like GOW qtiyapa and Lage raho Shetty Bhai qtiyapa. even rowdies qtiyapa both part.
      Also Bhagwan zameeen per qtiyapa and then adha 24 qtiyapa… they are simply awesome.
      right now they are not at their best that u ca say.

      TVF guys also very intelligently direct their video. their will be minor minor things that u actually may not see at first place if you are not watching closely. watch bhagwan zameen per for understanding this point.

      they have good actors too.

  10. aryan 6 years ago

    Dharna Dance feat. Yo Yo Kejru Singh

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