Arbaaz Khan Interview on Dabangg 2

  1. Ritz 12 years ago

    “I have made a sincere and honest film”


    • aryan 12 years ago

      Making Of ★ Dabangg 2 ★ Part 1

      • Ritz 12 years ago

        Dabanngg 2 seems to be inspired from Singham second half when Singham gets transferred to Goa.

        Do chowbey and tiwari also get transferred to same thana? Hows it possible.

      • aryan 12 years ago

        Making Of Dabangg 2 – Part 2

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      LOL . I am sure he has the same opinion on hello brother 😉

      “an actor we would love to see much more of” kya kya kehna padta hai interview lene ke liye.

  2. bunty 12 years ago

    dekho bhaiya kn aaya he supar cop new dabangg 2 promo

  3. bunty 12 years ago

    plz any1 post dis promo

  4. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Salman, Arbaaz and Sajid-Wajid Interview.

    Salman mocking Arbaaz around 7:30 for thinking about doing movies with others.

    Around the 11 min mark the interview says that Rani said she and Salman should get married. And Salman replies but she is already married na. They go silent for a few seconds and Arbaaz says “Is mein ‘Adi’ Sachai Hai’ LOL

  5. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Salman’s Filmfare Interview – “Nothing’s different about Dabangg 2”

    Q. The Dabangg 2 promos look great. What’s different about the film this time?
    A Nothing’s different. It’s just a little more of what you saw last time. We’ve tried to take it to the next level. We’re lucky that we got the right kind of music once again. Usually, sequels don’t have as good music or action as the previous film. You may increase the budget and spend more on locations but what’s most important is the emotional content. So we’ve been lucky in getting the best of everything.

    Q. You’re the forerunner of the `200 crore club. Does the pressure mount with every film?
    A Not yet. There’s no mounting pressure. Till the time the audience is growing, people are going to the theatres to watch movies, ticket prices are rising, the young population is coming to watch films, the business is bound to grow. So there’s no pressure as such.

    Q. Since you’ve become the hottest bet at the box-office every producer is lining up for you.
    A (Smiles) No one is lining up. They all know I can’t sign any more films. The films I am doing at present will take three years to complete. I have started working at a slower pace. It’s not as hectic as it used to be.

    Q. Are you more selective now?
    A If I don’t like the script, I don’t do the film. If I have to wait for a good script even for a year or two I’ll wait. It’s not about a hit or a flop; it’s about something I’d Like to do.

    Q. What has brought in this change?
    A I am making an effort to say no. I am slightly more comfortable saying ‘no’ now. Sometimes you say yes under pressure, emotional pressure that is. But then you’re not comfortable with your choice and you’re not 100 per cent there. And if the film doesn’t do well, relationships get spoiled. It’s better to say no in the beginning. I guess even people understand that now.

    Q. You’ve been offered 100 crore for a film by Ramesh Taurani. Is it true?
    A I’ve no idea. It’s not come to me yet. (Laughs) I hope he does and I hope he offers me even more.

    Q. How does it feel being on everyone’s wish list?
    A This `100 crore that you’re talking about would perhaps mean the same to me as the `31,000 I was paid for my first film. Inflation has gone up and the value of money has gone down. Say, if you wanted to buy property pehle do teen lakh kam padte the, abh toh do teen crore kam padte hain (you fell shot by two-three lakhs, now you fall short by two-three crores).

    Q. It’s been a long innings and you’re still going strong…
    A One good thing is that all actors who’ve been around since the last 20-30 years are still accepted. Fans never let go of you, it’s the fault of the actor who lets it go. Fans even accept you when you make a comeback. But it’s difficult to do the kind of stuff we do at the age of 47-48 and appear as if you’re in your 20s or 30s. It’s easy for a younger guy to come and do what I am doing. But it’s extremely difficult to get accepted doing what we do. There’s a huge amount of mehnat (hard work). It’s a strain physically and mentally. Life for an actor gets tougher and tougher.

    Q. How do you explain your crazy fan following?
    A I’ve never had an explanation for that. It’s strange. The way some kids look at me, I wonder what they see in me. I guess I am blessed. I hope I can hold on to this phase as long as I can. Not for selfish reasons of holding on to stardom but just because you’re in a position to do so much good. You can influence people and they listen to you if you say the right things. Without saying ‘trust me’, without doubting your intentions, people should follow you. That perhaps should be every human being’s goal.

  6. Reddemon 12 years ago

    If I don’t like the script, I don’t do the film. If I have to wait for good script even for a year or two I’ll wait.

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