Amy Schumer stealing jokes from other Comedians

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    sputnik 6 years ago

    The video has now been removed. The video is available here though.

    Its pretty obvious from the video that she stole those jokes from those comedians but is getting a pass and some are even shamelessly claiming that she did not steal these jokes like this TV guide article here.

    Amy Schumer (Pretty Obviously Falsely) Accused of Joke Theft

    By the way I used to watch this comedian Patrice O’Neal and like his standup. Did not know that he died back in 2011 at age.

    • cr7 6 years ago

      I don’t understand why she’s so popular . I find her annoying .

      • cr7 6 years ago

        Patrice appeared in charlie sheen roast couple of months before he died . Amy was there too .You should check that out .

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        Yeah I don’t like her either.

        Its like suddenly she became very popular and she is in news all the time.

        I remember having watched Charlie Sheen’s roast long time back and liking it but don’t remember much. Will watch it again.

        I used to watch this comedy talk show called Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn where a bunch of comedians would just argue about some thing while trading insults and cracking jokes at each other. Patrice O’Neal used to be one of the comedians on the show.

    • cr7 6 years ago

      The jokes could be older and might not Patrice’s original . But even Amy’s presentation looks amateur .

      • Ritz 6 years ago


      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        The jokes could be older but she did two jokes from Patrice O’Neal from the same show. She did two skits on her comedy show (slap chef and sleep gym) which are copied from the same comedian’s same stand up show. They all can’t be a coincidence.

        The original video has now been removed from vimeo but you can view it here.

        She has suddenly become some kind of feminist icon or something and if you see articles like the TV guide one in my comment above and another one on yahoo they are blatantly defending her in spite of clear evidence and dismissing off the plagiarism allegations as some kind of jealous hater nonsense or misogynist nonsense. If a guy was caught doing the same things TV guide and yahoo wouldn’t be defending him.

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