2.0 Teaser starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

  1. cr7 3 years ago


  2. Author
    sputnik 3 years ago

    Such a bad trailer. Looks like they just took the best vfx from the climax scene of Robot and decided to do it over and over for this movie.

  3. cr7 3 years ago

    Never understood why Shankar is so highly regarded.People keep using words like ambitious,grand to describe his films.but honestly i didn’t found any of his movies worth giving a second try .Maybe a one time watch but that’s it.

    • Author
      sputnik 3 years ago

      His initial movies were good.

      Gentleman was about capitation fees for medical colleges which was a big issue back then and had a vigilante hero. Indian (Hindustani) was about corruption and again vigilante justice. Kamal Haasan was excellent as the old man. Kadhalan was ok. All these movies had great songs from Rahman.

      Never saw Jeans. It was a big flop.

      Mudhalvan was good with the one day CM idea. Did not like the Hindi remake Nayak that he directed. Boys was bad.

      Anniyan (Aparichit) was also a bad movie which I saw in parts.

      Robot was also a bad movie saved somewhat by the innovative vfx in the climax and Rajini’s performance as villain. Have not seen I.

      • cr7 3 years ago

        Haven’t seen his earlier movies.But Robot,I,Anniyan all were so OTT. The movies look so unnecessarily loud and cheesy.

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