Barfi Scenes Inspired/Copied from The Notebook, Charlie Chaplin and Other Movies

Barfi has many scenes inspired/copied from other movies. Here are some of the scenes from which Barfi’s scenes are copied. I know that there are lot more scenes but these are the ones I was able to find. I will add more later 😉

Even those who have not seen the movie must have seen this promo.

Here is the original scene from the Charlie Chaplin movie The Adventurer.

There is a scene in Barfi where Rupa Ganguly tells her daughter Ileana about her lover. The scene is copied from The Notebook. Here is the scene from The Notebook.

Priyanka coming and lying next to Ranbir during the final scenes is copied from this scene from The Notebook.

There is a scene in the movie where Ranbir walks into a door and his nose gets bent. There is also a scene where he sits on a sofa with a dummy and tries to entertain Priyanka. Both those scenes are copied from Singin’ in the Rain.

There is a scene in the movie where Ranbir is sleeping under the cover of a statue that is inaugurated. That scene is copied from Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights. Charlie Chaplin scratches his leg but Ranbir adjusts his underwear because its obviously more funny 😉

There is a scene in the movie where Ranbir is on a ladder and the cops are trying to catch him from either side of the ladder. That scene is copied from Buster Keaton’s Cops.

Here is the Koshish scene from which the scene of Barfi asleep and not listening to his father’s screams is inspired from.


There is this music which plays almost constantly throughout the movie.

It’s inspired from these two songs from Amelie.

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302 thoughts on “Barfi Scenes Inspired/Copied from The Notebook, Charlie Chaplin and Other Movies”

  1. From wiki
    ” However, this decision was heavily criticized due to the plagiarism accusations against the movie.” 😀
    Barfi was criticized by several viewers on social networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for copying scenes from several world movies”
    why is tanqeed not mentioned? it was THE source for everyone. spuntik please edit wiki page 😛!

    1. Its ok Baba. If I go and edit someone will go and change it back. I don’t care. Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Hindustan Times and many others have ironically plagiarized a post about plagiarism.

      Its Tony Jaa. The world would have ended by now if Baba had SRK in his gravatar 😉


    Barfi was criticized by several viewers on social networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebookand YouTube for copying scenes from several world movies including Charlie Chaplin’s movies. Some movies the scenes were allegedly copied from Singin’ in the Rain, Kikujiro, Benny & Joon, Korean film Oasis, Lovers’ Concerto, Chaplin’s The Adventurer, City Lights, Mr Bean’s Holiday, Jackie Chan’s Project A, Buster Keaton’s Cops, The Notebook, Tommy Boy, Mr. Nobody, Black Cat, White Cat, The Goonies and Fried Green Tomatoes. The makers of the film defended the copying as a form of inspiration. However, it was alleged that the makers of the movie made no attempts to credit the original sources for the scenes. They were also heavily criticized for reproducing the same scenes rather than taking “inspiration” for the theme. A few days after the release, several videos were uploaded on YouTube showing side by side comparisons allegedly showing the copying of scenes. Additionally, it was also revealed that the background score for the movie, composed by Pritam was borrowed from the highly acclaimed soundtrack of the French filmAmélie. [32]

  3. In his defense Anurag Basu has been saying he was merely paying homage to Chaplin and Keaton. But as you can see in the clip, he has also paid tribute to the third comedy genius of the 1920’s, Harold Lloyd. Why did then Anurag Basu never mention his name? Or was he thinking this at least would never be caught?

  4. Only original films should be sent to the Oscars: Irrfan

    “I wish we would be as serious about Oscars in our country! Oscars affect your market hugely. In spite of knowing that a few scenes from Barfi! have been copied, our film federation chose it over something which is original. How can that film stand a chance of making it to the nomination list?”

  5. Okay, finally managed to see the film and so here’s my comment on this post:

    1) I agree with the title of this post. Sputnik has stated exactly what he mentioned

    2) Its a shame that Anurag copied all those scenes blindly and did not credit even one of them.

    3) I don’t think the notebook scene (sleeping together) is a copy… If that is considered as a copy then almost all scenes in any film where a character is showing looking put of the window from inside a train would be copy of one another.

    4) I think he did pay homage to Charlie Chaplin by showing his image or canvas whatever that was in one of the scene.

    Now What if these scenes weren’t there in the movie:

    Personally I think it wouldn’t really have made a significant enough difference if 80% of these scenes weren’t there in the movie…. (20% include clock scene, and mother daughter car lover scene) In fact it would have been edited off by 25-35 minutes and that would have been just amazing. Barfi without these scenes would have still remained a beautiful film that it is.

    About the Impact of this post

    This post has done the same to Barfi (and the audience) what SlumDog Millionaire did to most Americans and Indians in America– People used to come and ask me, whether There’s so many pools of shit everywhere in India..or whether we have girls pretty like Frieda Pinto in India…or whether people can speak english

    This post though unintentionally, but has in a way killed the essence of the movie and pulled it away a little, from the success that it deserves.. Even if you have all the source in the world to copy.. its not easy to make a beautiful film that still remains so even without the copying. Remove all the copied scenes (90% of them are comedy scenes, which if done away will not make this movies any less) and then watch it..It will still be good.

    1. i saw barfi in parts. didnt like it much.more or less same views as sputniks review. Watching two disabled ppl in a single film gets nauseating after a while. I felt like i walked into a sarkari dawakhana.Ileana was there but I still missed normal ppl

      1. There is no doubt that this post has taken away a lot of credit away from Barfi’s prestige – even for those who have liked it. Kudos to Sputnik for that.

        This post actually made me watch this film. Let me first admit that watching movies about retarded leads is not my cup of coffee. I disliked KMG and could not like this one any better. Awareness about the plagiarism (thanks to this post) only made it worse.

        But it seems many people have liked it; as it was with the case with KMG. But after talking to quite a few people in my circle, came to know that I am not the only one who disliked it. From the feedback I got, it seems females have liked this a lot, and also the ‘soft’ males too (to put it lightly). and these people are also eagerly waiting for JTHJ !

        The only Ranbir movie I had liked remains Rajneeti. Seriously think this boy needs to grow up into a man soon.

        1. Bored: I am one of the most insensitive people you’ll find out there…but I do give credit where its necessary… Ranbir did absolute justice to character of Barfi–In fact I’d say neither Priyanka nor Illena managed to do even 75% justice to their respective characters when compared to Ranbir… I have never really praised Ranbir that much..not even for Rockstar where people sang paeans about his performance. But this time he did do a fantastic job and such a performance (and since the movie is about his character primarily) and the movie deserves whats due.

          1. Sup – I dont know you personally to estimate your sensitivity, but the guyz I know were bulldozed into watching this by their respective girlfriends/wives – and they found it ok. Most of them were much more appreciative of OMG.

            The female counterparts, I found gushing about Ranbir and Barfi. In that way Barfi is the antithesis to Agneepath – the guyz enjoyed but the females loathed it.

            Nothing personal, just sharing my experience.

          2. Agreed. I found Rockstar average or below (don’t remember anything). Inspite of these many scenes copied I think Barfi! is far better movie.

          3. “Suprabh says:
            October 7, 2012 at 3:15 pm
            0 0 Rate This

            Bored: I am one of the most insensible people you’ll find out there…”

            agreed. 😛

    2. I know the sleeping together scene can be common but I think with her coming and sleeping next to him in old age in a asylum/hospital setting is eerily similar. That’s why I chose to still post it.

      I started with only 7 scenes but people kept adding scenes that were inspired from (even as late as last week). In light of all the new information I have serious doubt whether even a single scene in the movie is original. I just think we don’t know the original scenes until someone points them out.

      Now as far as the movie is concerned I said in my review that the whole robbery/kidnap/murder angle and multiple narrators was unnecessary and that the movie was lengthy and boring. If the movie had concentrated just on the love story and the relationship between the three main characters the movie would have been shorter and I may have liked it too.

    1. Thanks for the original of Priyanka yelling after laughed at scene. As I said above ” I have serious doubt whether even a single scene in the movie is original.”

      I don’t think Barfi can be defended as homage/tribute anymore after watching all the scenes posted in this thread. It is a straight case of plagiarism from multiple sources.

  6. There is a fundamental difference here …

    Indian definition of plagiarism – It is ok to copy few scenes, few chords, few pages, get inspiration and use underlying previous stories with lots of improvisation & lots of localization. Sure without proper citation. And then there are bunch of idiots who are forcing us to look at the bigger picture as overall work – a complete movie.

    American definition of plagiarism (true one) – if there is single page copied in a book of 600 pages, the publisher will pull off the book from all bookstores and take returns from all the buyers, giving them complete refund. They will also publicly apologies for representing and being victim of plagiarism. Also, the producers or publishers can sue the authors for breach of contracts.,_Got_Wild,_and_Got_a_Life

  7. If it was INSPIRED, then the director should have given the credits to the orginal movies but it wasnt so it is COPIED. Indian music directors, movie makers are notorious of copying. In this age of internet, youtube, they dare to copy and then dare to defend it. Thats a shame. Now they have send it for Oscars, SUPER SHAME. Its amazing how people simply choose to be ignorant. Its nothing but shame. Even the Actors to be blamed as am sure the main actor must been seeing charlie chaplin and others to copy the scene.

    1. Barfi: Nothing wrong in sending Ranbir Kapoor’s film to the Oscars
      New Delhi: First the good news, Ranbir Kapoor is indeed Youngistan’s undisputed Rockstar. Next the not-so-good news, his new, hugely acclaimed film Barfi has been accused of ‘lifting’ generously from old classics. Finally the worst, how dare Barfi race past movies that are both Indian (in theme and essence) and original to be selected as India’s entry to the hallowed Oscar’s.

  8. This film was india`s official entry for this years `best feature film` academy awards. Now everyone will be dissapointed when its not selected. You can see why?

  9. What ever is it, afterall a movie’s objective is to entertain the audience.. so Barfi does. It touches the depth of our heart, even if it is a copy or inspired one; far better than the so called original or self made bollywood films. And as cited here, it has a mixture of several all time great and legendary films, give the director and others involved, a credit!! It is an all in one single film……..
    I love this movie♥

  10. It’s really terrible shame. Terrible ripoff. Shame on makers, critics & supporters.

    Guys I have a favor. Please create a movie based on copied scenes. Original Barfi movie’s running length is 150 minutes. If somebody create a movie(Title : “Barfi – homage to Anurag basu”) based on the original scenes around 90 minutes it would be awesome to share everywhere. I’ll send one copy to Anurag basu :D. I don’t know anything about video editing otherwise I already I have have done this.

    Please please guys somebody create movie. And upload it on youtube & piratebay.

    Well done Sputnik.

    Thank you all.

  11. let me comment before someone else says the post has crossed 1,00,000 views . well done sputnik :applause:

    the sholay post of tanqeed. All time hit 😀

  12. Congrats about 100,000 Views Sputnik!

    I was Closely Monitoring the Views till 90,000 and wanted to comment about 1L but Baba-ji Beat me to it! :(

    Anyways, A Super Feat Achieved.
    Kudos and Applause!

      1. haha spuntik. fenil post of sherlyn was not original writing. such pics would get those views. what you achieved with this post is somehting which no one in any forum has done – make it to the mainstream media.

          1. Don’t knw y u felt tht way. Iam not taking any credit away frm u or TQ. Infact I congratulated u first. Just tht it has highest views & if tht is surpassed thn only other target remaining would be almost 700 comments in a single thread of NG. All i am talking here abt is quantity coz in Quality TQ has emerged winner in all its department.

            PS: there wer no uncensored pics of SC, intead it was a news article, thts it.

  13. @FS,

    I did not think you were taking any credit and I did not take any offense. Thanks for calling TQ the quality winner. You are also a contributor to the quality of TQ with your posts and your comments.

    What I meant to say was that post got those views because the post was about Sheryln Chopra’s Playboy pictures. See people search for stuff like that and you don’t need to post pictures in that post. Title hi kaafi hai 😉

    1. Sputnik – Thanks & I knw what you meant but I was just comparing the highest views & nothing else. Just like Box office numbers & not the quality of the film.

  14. Great post. Keep up the good work in exposing these dumb filmmakers. Unfortunately they are very thick skinned, this doesn’t matter to them.

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