You Netflix TV Series Review by Sputnik

Obsessed with an aspiring writer, a charming bookstore manager goes to extreme measures to insert himself into her life.

The show keeps shifting from a thriller to a romantic love story and back. The show very effectively portrays the dangers of social media. The final episode reminds of Darr/Unlawful Entry a bit.

Its trashy but entertaining. There are many unbelievable scenes. Joe is easily able to get into Beck’s house. Beck doesn’t have any lock on her phone/laptop. Joe steals a book from Peach’s house and he is a book store manager. Joe is able to easily get into Peach’s estate home and she apparently has no security systems. There is also a scene of Joe masturbating on the street. Ethan never comes downstairs where Joe imprisons multiple people.

The main characters have all shades of grey. Joe’s character is that of a dangerous stalker and murderer but then he is also shown as being very good with his young neighbor. Beck is also shown as cheating on Joe. Peach is shown as being manipulative.

Penn Badgley was very good as Joe Goldberg. Elizabeth Lail looked very pretty and was very good as Beck. Luca Padovan was good as Paco, Joe’s young neighbor. Shay Mitchell was good as Peach Salinger, Beck’s wealthy best friend. Daniel Cosgrove was good as Ron, the parole officer boyfriend of Paco’s mother. Kathryn Gallagher and Nicole Kang were ok as Annika and Lynn respectively. Zach Cherry was ok as Ethan, Joe’s colleague. Mark Blum was very good as Mr. Mooney. John Stamos was good as Dr. Nicky. Ambyr Childers was ok as Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend. Lou Taylor Pucci was good as Benji, Beck’s boyfriend. Natalie Paul was good as Karen, Joe’s new girlfriend after his breakup with Beck.


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