Where is that Gowariker?

My top 3 scenes from 3 of his finest films:

Lagaan team gathers:

This is the most symbolic scene in the film and visually presents the ultimate central theme.Aamir khan’s acting is superlative.He is like our captain MS Dhoni – calculative,ambitious yet caring and responsible.and ofc the mindblowing background music.

Swades train scene:

I get emotional almost everytime i watch this scene.More so for the way the character of the child is shown.Srk gives him a 5 rupee coin and the boy is looking for a change.In Saeed Jafri wprds from veergati “Aise gairatmand log aapki sirf gareeb kasbe mein milenge”

Jodhaa – Akbar spriritual moment:

In that moment of spiritual ecstasy when Akbar connects with divinity and joins the singers to dance with one hand pointing towards heaven, which was receiving the divine gift, while oher hand pointed to the ground, which meant he was connecting the gift received from divinity to people down below. He was the medium, the recipient of divine communication,

  1. sputnik 10 years ago

    Very good post Baba.

    In my opinion Lagaan & Swades are the Top two movies of the decade and all time classics. I did not like Jodhaa Akbar – for me it was all made up and a TV serial.

    KHJJS was not bad – it was very dry and boring like reading some book. Actually Whats your rashee was not that bad either but not sure why Priyanka was needed for 12 roles.

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      Thanks sputnik.Yes lagaan is his best followed by Swades,JA.JA was Gowarikers interpretation entirely and i found it sincere though he had added few scenes for commercial viabiltiy…..cant blame him totally after he lost all that money in swades.But Gowariker seems to have lost his touch post JA.WYR ,KHJJS are hardly even a shadow of his earlier films,both on scale or in performances or music.His next film is supposed to be a thriller with akshay,last time he attempted something of that sort was Baazi with aamir khan.lets hope he comes up with a better film 🙂

  2. ali 10 years ago

    Hey Pawan,
    What a brilliant post dude.
    I have no words dear.
    Where is that Gowarikar.
    Swsdes scene is just amazing.
    Thanks for the Post.

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