Milind’s Note:What creates the biggest star of an Era??

Saw Mohammad Ali the other day on TV casually surfing through the chapters of TV.He was like a vibrant particle radiating energy when he was swearing to avenge Joe Frazier after his loss to him in the “Thrilla in Manila”. We will return to this reference at the end of this note.

A star is defined more by his volatility,his eccentricity rather than his piece of work.Yes,the piece of work is the platform upon which these exterior characters work.One must have a pretty emphatic piece of work to be able to make his slightest of activity a news. Star is the product that the discussions at tea stalls and canteens make. It is a manifestation of our surreal world where figments of imaginations extrapolate to create our star for us. It is beyond worship or fanaticism when we talk about stars. It is more a realm where the individual unites with what he beholds of his star. Thus a star is more attached to the way his projection goes out amongst masses than what he actually does on screen. Had the body of work just counted and the quality attached with it too,the stardom associated with a certain star would have been in question but its the opposite.

The said star is the darling of many mostly because his perception amongst masses is the easiest one to get attached with. But do his failures create news? Does his success cause a polarisation of opinions.Is there a national debate on a prime Tv channel regards the supposed debacle of a film done by the star and its perception?Does his winning an award create news and his not winning create bigger news? Is his sexual life discussed and speculated?Is his 3 AM meet with a female star made into a national news highlighted boldly. His success may be celebrated but his failures are as easily forgotten as the number of times the politicians commit to stuffs before an election. The point i am trying to drive home is that a Star is not the one who just creates news with his success but also with his inability to meet some expectation at a point of time. Star is not a respected entity,it is a loved entity.Respect commands attention,Love commands soul itself.Respect can make you legendary but love will make you immortal.That is the basic difference between masters of trade and stars of the trade. A star provides gossip,entertainment–his life is more like a TV which provides all kinds of channels. Stars are made by their ability to be unpredictable,loved by their desire to win over the world,success or failure is immaterial-it just becomes the fodder for more discussions..when these discussions become relentless with equivalent praise and criticism,one winning over the another at should understand a star is born. When these discussions carry on for two decades,one should have no doubts regarding the legendary status of the star..when these discussions enter the lives of the common population–immortality is granted. Respect would only lead anyone to the legendary status.

Michael Jackson is one such immortal star…good or bad,paedophilic accusations or not..he remains immortal–his actions,his controversies,his talent,his desire made him immortal.Many singers and dancers came,attained legendary status but none could equal likes of Jackson and Presley. Maradona is another such immortal–football and him shall go along with each other till football has fields. Supreme ability to entertain along with immaculate skill must be there but the ability to project oneself in a manner to allow crores to associate with him and feel good or proud is a must. Reverting to the reference of Mohammad Ali–his subsequent win over Frazier never created any such news as the “Thrilla in Manil” made…beacuse the fall of a colossus is far great a news than his subsequent thumping win. When your failures start creating more news than your success,you should know you are becoming an object of dining table dissection.

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    I edited your post to add that Muhammad Ali picture and also added a More Tag so that only part of the article shows on the main page. I hope you don’t mind.

    If you don’t want that picture you can remove it or ask me to. Or may be you should add a pic of Aamir, Salman & SRK together.

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