What are the complexities of choosing a favorite Star?

Does anyone’s psyche inquire one about these stuffs?

Why am I addicted to a film Star or am I? Why am I his fan btw? Why I am unable to hear anything bad about my Star? What’s wrong if people call my favorite star with different names? What will happen to me if they make fun of my Favorite Star – am I being childish to counter? What harm does it cause – Do I have to hear these stuffs again and again? Will it portray me the same as whatever my Favorite Star being called? Does my Ego hurt if my Favorite star being abused or criticized – should I defend it with Sarcasm? or is it because I have bet on my Favorite Star to deliver, or coz I get inspired from him or I get motivated from him or I can proudly brag about my Favorite Star for his contribution to film Industry or for his influence on general public like me directly or indirectly or it helps me in my altercation with other star fans, brag about him, hold an ascendancy in debates (from Star’s achievement), show to the world that I follow the great man a Star, infact the biggest Star (OR INDERCTLY TELL THAT IAM THE BEST COZ MY CHOICE IS THE BEST OR MY DECISION IS THE BEST).

Everyone has favorites and is that an Essential? – for most it does by choice, by fashion or by coercion! From our childhood days we are often asked or coerced or influenced directly or indirectly to choose the favorites such as  your fav color, fav actor, fav dish, fav idol, fav speaker, fav book, fav director, fav teacher, fav song/film etc… even if there is none or any thoughts of it. When one arrives on conclusion of his/her choice or decision the one is asked to substantiate his/her choice with reasons and logic. The “Choice of favorite” is one hell of a decision taken almost instantly or after indepth analysis of pros and cons from the best available resources. Once you make a choice of your favorites it gets so addictive that sometimes one goes to an extent to defend his choice. Is this because One is intimidated and think it Reflects Ones Personality or Decision making Capabilities?

Does defending the decision/choice as Fav satisfies the inner soul/psyche? Will it change the perception of the other in argument or debate? Or one is desperate to embed his decision on other letting the world know he is the best in decision making or choosing from the best set alternatives from the available source?

Why there is Star wars on all the forums?  We are the ones who to be blamed? Do we choose the fav just to argue and laugh at the other? Do we really choose what our heart makes a choice or do we force our heart to choose what our mind says or are we really get influenced by the majority so that we do not become laughing stock at the forums or any discussions regarding Stars and choose the best to defend it?

Having said all above I feel that choice of favorite is coerced one, implanted in our brains from our childhood days. It’s a fashion to have ones favorites and it’s a most popped up question during discussions (especially films if related to my topic) with friends and relatives.


  1. Author
    fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    This was my first post on NG 🙂

  2. sputnik 11 years ago

    Good post FS. I don’t remember reading this before.

    • Author
      fearlesssoul 11 years ago

      Thanks 🙂 It was written during Ra one’s Maha Sangram 😛

      • sputnik 11 years ago

        hmm It must have got buried in that avalanche. 😉

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