Unseen Videos and Songs from the Movie– DUS!

I am presenting 2 songs from Mukul Anand’s Dus–his last venture. Shooting was happening in Utah. After 40% shooting had happened, Mukul died of a heart attack.This film could not find any finance therefater. The rushes are not available at large but a few clips are there.

Look at the landscape where they are shooting. Beautiful. I guess this film could have been a game changer in terms of finesse in executing the scenes, the grandeur and cinematography. Guess that never was to happen!

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    Milind 10 years ago

    Mukul was also planning a movie with Givinda called Oscar after Dus.The script was taken to Ramu and an another director later but they were busy in their respective projects.This would have been his second film with Govinda after Mahasangram!

  2. sputnik 10 years ago

    Good post Milind. Thanks for posting this.

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      Milind 10 years ago

      Thanks Sputnik. Await my next post in 10 min.It will be better and rarer than this.Let me stick my neck out.Ouchh..Utkal Dada.. 😉

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    Milind 10 years ago

    The storyline was intended to have been about terrorism and how an anti-terrorist intelligence officer Captain Raja Sethi (Sanjay Dutt) who is part of a secret organisation known as Force 10 is sent on a mission to find an Afghan terrorist named Nasheman (Raveena Tandon in her first negative role). After he is captured and tortured by Nasheman and her right hand man Mast Gul (Rahul Dev), his partner Captain Jeet Sharma (Salman Khan) is sent to rescue him. However by now Raja Sethi is brainwashed by Mast Gul in believing his country and his friends has abandoned him and he too turns to terrorism. He also develops a love hate relationship with Nasheman. Shilpa Shetty played Salman’s love interest and a journalist covering the story of the mission. Vinod Khanna played an army general.

    Production and Abandonment
    The shooting of the film began in Utah. The scenes in Utah were to have depicted scenes of Kashmir which was the major setting of the film. The action scenes leading up to the climax were the first scenes being shot form May to August 1997. The scenes that were filmed included Captain Raja Sethi (Sanjay Dutt) and Captain Jeet Sharma (Salman Khan) rescuing the prime minister of Pakistan from an assassination attempt by Mast Gul (Rahul Dev).
    40% of the shooting had been completed by August 1997 and when Mukul S. Anand suddenly died on September 7 1997, the film was abandoned never to be completed or released. However some promo videos and clips of the film can be seen on Mukul S. Anand’s official website as well as other information about the film’s production, the screenplay and the music.

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    Milind 10 years ago

  5. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Nice post milind. Story plot luks interesting

  6. aryan 10 years ago

    Good Post Milind Specially Mahiya song fantastic.

  7. Iconic Asad 7 years ago

    at least the film should release on DVD..
    I think still the fans like me are waiting for this incomplete movie…
    whatever 10 mins, 30 mins or an hour movie just release on DVD…
    I am also big fan of passionate film maker Mukul S Anand (rip)..
    my fav mukul movies are aietbaar, mahasangram, agneepath, hum, khudagawah..

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