Two lakh hits for Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone is creating ripples on Jay Hind!, the world’s first full format online TV show.

Sunny has been lampooned in Undercover Productions Ltd’s late night stand up comedy show in the episode called “Sunny Days”, which recorded over 2 lakh views! The show by itself has recorded a total of over 11 crore views, averaging a lakh and a half views a day. “A sarcastic and comical take on news and current affairs is what our show is all about. The hype around Sunny Leone made her perfect for some tongue in cheek jokes


  1. sputnik 10 years ago

    Sunny Leone might not sign Jism 2

    Buzz is that nothing concrete has yet materialised for Sunny Leone, from her talks with Mahesh Bhatt for Jism 2.

    Apparently, it is the price factor that is playing villain. Not known to indulge stars with over-fattened pay cheques, the Bhatts have yet to come to a mutually agreeable fee with Sunny.

    Sunny says, “I really liked meeting Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja. But whether I am doing their movie or not, I am not sure yet. It depends on a lot of factors including how my adult-content business in the US reacts to my Bollywood aspirations.”

    However, the actress says that she loved the part that was narrated to her. “It was deep and enigmatic. And it was for the main lead. That’s the kind of start I’d like in Bollywood. And if things go well I’d like to take up a career in Bollywood.”

    In fact, the actress even says that if this industry clicks for her, she will even let go of acting in adult-content films.

    In this film where Sunny will play a honeytrap, apparently Arunoday Singh is being cast as one of the two male leads.

    Though Mahesh Bhatt denied it, Arunoday said, “I am not sure about Jism 2. Nothing formal has been discussed.” Buzz is he being pencilled in to play a very macho character.’


    • Author
      Manish 10 years ago

      it seems she didnt like it much because there will be no sex scenes to which she has addicted to 😉

  2. aryan 10 years ago

    Sex scenes will be there but she is demanding heavy amount and Mahesh Bhatt cannot afford.

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