Tum Hi Ho Song – Aashiqui 2

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    SYED IMRAN 8 years ago

    quite a soulful song, much similar to murder 2’s music… mayb repeat hearing will give a better idea of the song..but of course not on the line of original ashiqui music… btw i heard that ashiqui music is one of the best and largest selling in the history of bollywood…!!! how true it is!!!

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    aryan 8 years ago

    Like the song very decent.

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    Serenzy 8 years ago

    Another Winner from the Bhatts.
    I Love “these” Songs.

  4. Baba
    Baba 8 years ago

    great song. i am not fully confident but i think aashiqui 2 is going to work.in anycase,mahesh bhatt ko main maan gaya hoon. he can make a hit out of nothing ppl. he made emraan hasmhi what he is today. he gave kumar gaurav critical and BO hits when he was being bashed by everyone from media to public. he never works with a big star mostly and still keeps on giving hits and yet no list features his name among the great directors

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      sputnik 8 years ago

      He was a critically acclaimed director in the 80s with movies like Saaransh, Arth and Kaash.

      Naam was a critical and commercial hit and Sanjay walked away with all the credit for that instead of the hero Kumar Gaurav.

      For a brief period in the early 90s he was considered one of the top directors. He directed successful movies like Aashiqui, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Saathi, Sadak, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke which were also critically appreciated back then but later on he started doing too many movies and giving flops.

      His last good film was Zakhm and then he stopped directing.

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    mate 8 years ago

    The only half-decent song in the Album, The rest of the ALbum is the Crappiest.

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