Tubelight Official Teaser starring Salman Khan

  1. sanjy 7 years ago

    This is simply outstanding ! Salman continues to climb up the ladder of superstardom with each new release.

    Eagerly look for it and for the story to unfold. Jal ja !!!!

  2. cr7 7 years ago

    Nice teaser. Liked the vibe of the film.Visuals look great .I’m still skeptical about Salman’s performance but as of now the movies looks good.

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      Ok Teaser. Agree that visuals look great. There is a part Forrest Gump and part Bajrangi Bhaijaan vibe. Still looking forward to this because of Kabir Khan’s previous release Bajrangi Bhaijaan which I loved.

      Salman’s character seems to be obviously inspired from the Forrest Gump character. His acting looks ok. I hope it is more in vein of Bajrangi Bhaijaan than Forrest Gump.

      • cr7 7 years ago

        I think instead of mentally challenged they should have gone with a bajrangi kinda role.Salman is good in innocent characters but mentally challenged characters require a lot of homework.Salman doesn’t come across as someone who prepares for a role. He’s a natural. Even decent actors had previously made a mockery of mentally challenged characters due to lack of research and overacting. Have you seen Ajay’s Main Aisa hi hoon?

        • sputnik 7 years ago


          Yeah Ajay was horrible in Main Aisa Hi Hoon.

  3. Author
    aryan 7 years ago

    A decent teaser liked it Salman and photography looks good.

  4. Author
    aryan 7 years ago

    The Tubelight teaser is quite good. If only…

    Little Boy Trailer

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      I wasn’t sure what exactly Salman was doing in the last scene of the teaser. It looked like he had supernatural power but its clear after watching this trailer. Looks like Tubelight is inspired from this movie.

  5. Author
    aryan 7 years ago

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