This is how its done: My Favorite Song of the Year so far.

Of lately I have had a grudge towards the current era Indian song makers. Either the lyrics are cliched with the same old Maula rants and Labon pe Nami bullshit or Fevicol se Chipkana Non-sense. I am not trying to mix the two here by citing examples of deep emotional songs to the contrasting fun songs..but just trying to say how cliched both of them, these days are.

Similarly, the music directors seem to have lost the ease of fitting the lyrics in a tune and often it seems hurried or forced…Example: Saans se teri saans nikli toh–however dreadful the lyrics were, Rahman did a very mediocre job at the music too. Same with tonnes of Indian rock bands that come up with desperately dark sad music and cliched lyrics. Here’s one more example: the title track of Kurbaan–Kurbaan Hua–I find it highly repelling and a zabardasti ka song…..anyways I didn’t want to make it a hate post towards the songs I don’t like but actually in appreciation of the song that I did.

This song I believe has got the perfect amalgamation of lyrics and the music…Its a fun song and the sheer blend of the words and the tune make it extremely likable.. 2 Thumbs up to Amit Trivedi for the music and the singing, and also Amitabh Bhattacharya take a bow for these awesome fun lyrics.

Here’s my favorite song of the year so far

Ghanchakkar Babu

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    Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    “amalgamation” bahot dino baad padha ye word. Kahin aap slowly SRK fan to nahi ban rahe? (maybe true as u loved yjhd)

    btw, nice song and lyrics.

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