The Prince Of Darkness-The King Of Hearts

You all have read me talking about SRK. This article is written by a girl who adores SRK.She has written a brief account of her surreal interaction with SRK.I am posting it on her behalf.Her name is Tanusri. She holds Tanqeed in high esteem and is happy that her article is making its front page.Since Sputnik is away/travelling,I am posting it without prior intimation.Hope its okay.

The spectators at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata, cheer wildly as the Kolkata Knight Riders’ bowlers provide a visual treat for the cricket-crazy Indian audience on a fine Sunday evening. Amid this Bengali crowd, in the stands’ VIP section, stands a tall, well-built, handsome man. His arrival at the scene attracts warm attention. The crowd’s focus instantly shifts to this figure, wearing glares and smiling and waving to his admirers.The women in the crowd going weak in their knees, the men admiring him as if he were a revered God. This man needs no introduction at all, he’s the heart of the Indian film industry, the co-owner of the Knight Riders-just his name is enough-Shah Rukh Khan or simply SRK.

He has a breathtakingly magnetic presence, wherever he goes. He is charm, charisma, machismo and humility personified. As a little girl, I don’t really remember when I started idolizing him. Watching him groove to Chaiyya Chaiyya was a treat in my childhood. His boyish charm, his chocolate boy looks in his early films like DDLJ and Dil Se are incredibly attractive. SRK’s looks have been charming women for generations-literally. The camera loves him, it ripens him. His face reveals his energy-it’s alive with a thousand expressions and questions. He has a smile so ravishing, it can melt a stone. He has come a long way, amazing people with every chapter of his incredible success story-from an average TV actor to a worldwide superstar. From the valleys of Kashmir to the crowded streets of Madras, from the busy lanes of Mumbai to the beaches of Bengal, SRK became a household name, an idol within a short period.

Shah Rukh Khan has everything that a man would ever want-money, fame, freedom, a loyal wife and two lovely children, and a host of loyal old friends. And yet, there seems to no satisfaction apparent in his recent ventures. He loves to work, he loves to be on the run, always. For him, work is like oxygen. His puts in his heart, soul, sweat and blood into whatever he does, be it films or simply the post-shooting promotions. On the screen, he’s a live wire, with an absolutely engaging screen presence. I am not connected to the film industry even slightly, and I do not know the what’s what of the minute details of characters, but I can definitely say that I have been able to connect to all those characters that he has played till date, no matter how slimy or beefy they were.

He’s a volcano of talent, and when the lava spills over, it amazes everyone. He does not need to prove his mettle to anyone. Inside his serious and calm temperament, a devilish prankster still lurks around. He is witty, or rather, the height of wit. He remains silent, doesn’t speak much, but when he does, it baffles his admirers and shuts the mouths of his non-admirers with elan. His composure is one thing that I highly admire, which I find very difficult to emulate. You just cannot hate this man. And those who do, well, its their personal choice, I’ve nothing to say. This article of mine is not an answer to his haters, as I find it absolutely unnecessary and fruitless to listen to or counter them. This is my tribute to this great man, a powerhouse of talent, a personification of humility, the perfect idol for every Indian kid.

He wears a smile on his face as team fails to deliver here at the Eden Gardens this Sunday evening. Didn’t I say, his composure is unmatched. He carries himself gracefully, not swearing and turning red in the face due to his team’s loss. He even jests about his team’s poor performance wittily. This man-the King of Bollywood, the evergreen superstar, co-owner of the KKR, Chubb fellow at the Yale, the man with many feathers in his hat-Shah Rukh Khan, rules my heart. He’s indeed the ultimate man, the prince of darkness as he calls himself.

On behalf of Tanusri

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  1. sauravjha 12 years ago

    Lovely article Tanusri very heartfelt ! Thank u Milind sir for posting this 🙂

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