The Essence of Being SRK!

The classical Hollywood pattern of dealing in the fate of its protagonists and vivisecting them aptly summarizes their narrative.The story of old HW classics was woven around a simple story but it brought out almost all the qualities that life must have and all the emotions a human being might go through.This was an effective narrative pattern that encompassed an array of emotional flavors and focused on the quitessential aspect of a story–the climax.But before the climax there was always a mishap,there was always a chance that a misunderstanding would erupt,that a point may arrive where the boy may never meet the girl.But then it all culminated into a happy ending. HW classics thrived on this hope.

SRK’s story carries enough clues from such emphatic narratives and presents to us a most exhilarating canvas of work where the most important attribute is the emotions of a character.Rather than following the novel pattern of neo-noir that hides the important aspects of a story till the end until it unravels them all,SRK has been that simple story that had accurate pauses,exquisite moments,terrific narrative and immaculate presentation.His story as a star on celluloid might be seen from two perspectives–one from the outside taking the superstar angle in contention and the other from within where you can palpate the immense contribution he has had in bringing the emotional quotients to the forefront.He might have gone “OTT” as his detractors suggest but even in that the emotional saga never lost.People do not understand that if it takes a Sunny Deol to shout at the top of his voice and go mad[which can be termed OTT] to display his anger in a Ghaatak,a certain SRK also needs to express his emotions in a manner that the softer ones touch the heart.Albeit it is no surprise that displaying the softer side of a character is far more a daunting task than to express anger that comes naturally to almost all of us. Being vocal about things in heart is afar more asking task than to be violent about a vengeance.

This post wont discuss his films in detail as there is nothing left to discuss about them.All have made choices about what they have to like and what they cannot/shouln’t/do not like! If you look closer to the phenomenon i.e. SRK,you will see an innate desire to win it all.One may mistake it for arrogance but then isn’t the zeal praiseworthy.The desire to win it all over is akin to a mission where a tantric yogi meditates all his life to achieve nirvana.Vedanta has this philosophy of “Satc-Chit-Ananda”-happiness of the soul. SRK is trying to achieve it,albeit in a very materialistic world.But don’t we all survive to make it big in our lives? The question intensifies when one looks closer at the issue.The fact that even after a comparatively weaker performance in past two years,a streak knowing his desire to bounce back wont last long,he is always a part of that “versus” game proclaims it tall and wide that he is considered the standard for superstardom.This is how one can observe him from outside.

Effervescent,Vivacious,Energetic and ready to conquer all.This is how one can perceive the narrative of SRK.When people become irrelevant after 10 years of success,many just after 5 years–This man is still important after 20 years in the film industry. One may bring the performance of his recent two movies in “comparison” with other stars as a parameter to ignore his relevance but then we all know that if others were playing the cards of strong genres ,this man was playing on all together different pitch.Trying out various things.Some like MNIK,Don 2 fell in the right place,others like Ra.One got flak because of being over-ambitious.Yet the paradox is that the same Ra.One enjoys good TRP’s each time it is telecast. And again,I am happy in proclaiming that the excuse of genre cannot be used to defend Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s BO performance.But yes that wouldn’t even undermine the fact that masala is ruling the roost as of now. This is the essence of SRK–trying to change the game.There is always a danger that the game might change you in the process or demolish you but hasn;t the same man weathered storms galore in the past!The platform of his mind is always active,reading,contemplating and trying to learn various ways how to entertain.

He spends his lives and times in dabbling with histrionics that can guarantee him the status of an immortal entertainer,a status he is inching close to. Reporters swear by his immaculate wit,his fans love his romanticism with the 70mm screen,his detractors end up loving his non-orthodox portrayals of a coach or a NRi scientist.All in all he caters to even those who hate him.What better an entertainer than him who can even force the negativity around him to be only centred around “him”. He becomes the Ebert of Cinema which is legendary when others are devising newer methods to be branded as some Kael or Zizek. His philosophy is simple and effective when others try to go complex in search for a newer meaning.SRK represents the most innate ambitions of a mango man in such a magnanimous manner that the world looks upto him with myriad emotions–some in awe,some with respect,some as an inspiration,some with jealousy,some with love and others with hatred.But again the essence of SRK comes out.He stands at a pedestal where the variety of emotions he induces in the ones who behold him as the most scintillating star in the sky is unparalleled.Bachchan had unanimous love and respect.Aamir has much of respect,Salman has much of fandom..SRK is a perfect mix of all of it.This is not to place him above all but just to say that he combines and amalgamates these qualities in just perfect proportions.When people start to expect your fall and shout at even on your slightest slide in expectation of a fall,one must be certain one is near the goal that one set out for oneself.

Yes,all said and done,I would love to see SRK back in Darr and Baazigar mould.Not necessarily in terms of genre of cinema i.e. suspense and obsession but in terms of the unpredictability of a character.This is the final essence of SRK.When he plays a character other than romance,he imbibes each small detail,works on his voice,improves on his diction and devises some methods which we in his case ignore. Saying out “K..K…k….Kiran” is an improvisation that we miss..that line made the film immortal.That line is film’s signature ala signature.I have seldom seen such improvisation till date in past 20 years of cinema.One may refute my statement by calling it hamming but then they forget to ham and get it effective is what is required rather than ham and look like a fool. The effective summation of an act matters.I would love to see SRK play on his essence,his own kinetic energy,produce some more gems in films of the caliber of OldBoy as a close friend of mine suggests.He has reached a stage where no one can cross his legacy amongst contemporaries.He has earned it via his 20 years of consistency and work.The epithet of king of Bollywood and Baadshah is reserved for him.These epithets have become real life phrases while other epithets for various stars looks like an attempt to match upto SRK’s.

I still remember a scene from DTPH..SRK holding hands of Madhuri and saying Paas,Aur Paas..this line is so haunting romantically that today when you see TV serials take a cue from it,you know SRK,the man has ensure his place in the legacy game.What he can do best now is to gratify his own ambitions and provide us with a few more classics. Wishing SRK a great Birthday[belated] and Wishing him a great success in JTHJ.


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  1. Author
    Milind 11 years ago

    Long Time.I am back to writing. 😀

    • aryan 11 years ago

      Excellent article everybody like to see SRK back in Dewaana, Darr and Baazigar mould.

  2. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    “I would love to see SRK play on his essence,his own kinetic energy,produce some more gems in films of the caliber of OldBoy”


  3. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    from what i have seen of srk over the years, if he is not allowed to “act” much,he delivers a good performance. he tends to go overboard when he is “srk” on screen.thats why i thought having him in a character driven twisted role like oldboy will be interesting to see. giving him a definite character role will not allow him to expand much to his usual mannerisms and he is good in twisted it might work.

  4. FS 11 years ago

    He has given better performances in movies like KHKN, Darr, Baazigar, RBJM, CDI, Anjam, Swadesh than in his confort zone / genre of Romance. He just have to improve his decision making skills while selecting scripts, directors and screenplay writers.

  5. sauravjha 11 years ago

    First of all wat an article sir! Always been a big fan of your writing and wish to read more n more from u plzzzzz write often 🙂

    Now coming to article i strongly believe sir he is one of rare spontaneous actor/superstar we have currently . I can think of Akshay as other spontaneous actor/superstar and that’s what makes srk different for me. Its just so rare especially when we see his other contemprories either taking themselves too seriously that it kills all the spontaneity and looks too methodical or are sleepwalking the roles too often. That’s why other day when i was talking to ritz i said m not too worried abt his so called struggling phase cos he’s trying different everytime he’s doing a movie since 2007 starting wid chak de each one has been different and he has done justice to them all except for many would argue But that’s ok every one is allowed to have one blunder and in srk’s case it was So even though success rate has lowered a bit ( mind you his underperformers have earned 100 crore+ ) its not worrying thing for srk fans cos buzz of his every movie is bigger than the last time and its jst abt content even if he gets it 75% rite success can be humongous and intimidating for his haters/competitors.

    Also u made very interesting and important observation abt d way he works on minute details when out of his ” comfort zone” that’s ekdum correct we can see how he worked on his body language in MNIK and RNBDJ (suri’ part) that’s incredible! and the fact that he pulled them off is even amazing. I for one would like to see him doing comedy more sir cos that’s one area he hasnt explored at all and seeing the way how good baadshah and OSO(first part) was u wud think why hasnt he done more comedy? So yes that’s my wish which mite get fulfilled in CE or HNY.

    Once again thank you for this article always a pleasure reading you! 🙂

    • Author
      Milind 11 years ago

      Thank you for your kind appreciation. Interesting observation from your side too.

  6. Reddemon 11 years ago

    ‘displaying the softer side of a character is far more a daunting task than to express anger that comes naturally to almost all of us..
    exactly what i have been saying since a long time.

  7. rajesh 11 years ago

    Nice write up Milind, I always miss SRK of Darr and Bazigar.

  8. ZKS 11 years ago

    Wonderful write up DOCTOR. I always enjoy ur write up and the command on language. hats up to you. On the article you are absolutely correct and this is the reason why SRK is different than others.

    • Author
      Milind 11 years ago

      Floored by the praise.Humbled.Thanks

  9. sputnik 9 years ago

    Shiamak Davar sued for alleged sexual abuse by two former students from his dance academy

    Renowned Bollywood choreographer, Shiamak Davar, has been sued for allegedly sexually abusing two students from his dance academy. Davar has denied the charges and said, “I will not be intimidated into silence and will defend myself vigorously in court.”

    According to a report in The Province, both Percy Shroff and Jimmy Mistry, from North Vancouver, started learning dance at Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts in India when they were teenagers. Mistry claims that after a year he was shortlisted for Davar’s core dance group and his interaction with the choreographer increased.’

    After becoming part of the core group, Mistry claims that they were also initiated into a religious group (VRRP Spiritual Learning group), which is headed by Davar.

    Mistry in his lawsuit mentions that, “He (Davar) would lie on the bed in his underwear and take someone’s hand, including the plaintiff’s (Mistry’s), and put it on his underwear over his penis … ,”.

    In Shroff’s suit he mentions that Davar often kissed and touched him. Shroff, then a teenager, was made to take shower with Davar. Davar had allegedly made other sexual advances towards him as well. Shroff told CBC News that Davar publically humiliated him if he did not reciprocate the sexual advances.

    Davar however denies all such claims and says that he has never had inappropriate sexual relations with any of his students.

    “I have total faith in the justice system of British Columbia that my name shall be cleared on all accounts,” said Davar.–former-students-from-his-dance-academy/544500-8-66.html

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      This looks messed up with some cult and all.


      Shiamak Davar, Bollywood star, sued for alleged sexual abuse of B.C. dancers in sect

      Two former dance students allege one of India’s biggest celebrities, Shiamak Davar, is a sexually abusive and controlling leader of a sect called VRRP Spiritual Learning group, according to two lawsuits filed in B.C. Supreme Court.

      Shiamak, 53, teaches dance in six countries and has sold millions of albums. His choreography has gone from Bollywood to Hollywood blockbusters such as Mission Impossible 4. He’s rubbed shoulders with everyone from Bollywood stars like Shilpa Shetty to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and B.C. Premier Christy Clark.

      Percy Shroff, 40, and Jimmy Mistry, 33, both of North Vancouver, say they endured years of unwanted sexual touching at the hands of Shiamak, who they say abused his authority as their spiritual leader to control all aspects of their lives.

      “I used to believe that his word was god.… I just wanted to please him,” said Shroff in an exclusive interview with CBC News.

      Shroff claims the star, known simply as Shiamak, began grooming him for sexual exploitation when he was 16, and he is suing now to protect his young son.

      Denies all allegations

      In a written response to the lawsuits, Shiamak claims the allegations are not true and that the two former dancers are trying to ruin “his character, reputation and affiliated organizations.”​

      Shiamak, who splits his time between Mumbai and North Vancouver, says he is the “custodian” of VRRP, not its leader, and that if the two men believed he was their spiritual guru, that was their personal view.

      But in the claim, Mistry says Shiamak was their spiritual guru.

      “In India, your guru, your teacher, goes way up there in respect, almost, if not more than your parents, so you don’t think he can do anything wrong,” he says of the man he once believed received messages directly from God.

      ​VRRP follows the teachings of Khorsheed Bhavnagari, who wrote The Laws of the Spirit World, in which she claimed her two dead sons communicated with her.

      Shiamak says he also does what’s called “auto writing” to receive messages from spirits.

      Shroff alleges in his claim that Shiamak uses those messages to control VRRP members.

      “You have to do what you are told,” he says, explaining why he complied when he was 17, with a request to visit Shiamak in Mumbai.

      “He started kissing my neck, then he told me to lie down on top of him, and he told me to grind my crotch into his crotch,” says Shroff, who claims he told Shiamak he would never do that again.

      The lawsuit claims Shiamak punished him, claiming his soul would not progress spiritually if he didn’t submit.

      Shroff claims he lost roles in dance performances, and was left behind on an out-of-town performance.

      “He was just publicly humiliating me … because I wasn’t giving him what he wanted … which was reciprocating to sexual acts,” claims Shroff, who says he moved from Mumbai to North Vancouver to help Shiamak run the VRRP after Bhavnagari died in 2007.

      Shiamak says he “has never had inappropriate sexual relations” with any dancer in his company or used his spirituality to manipulate, control or threaten anyone.

      The lawsuit claims VRRP members in Canada must reside between 17th and 22nd Street near Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, because the group believes the area was safe from an imminent apocalypse.

      Shroff says he was told when to marry and have a child, and that Shiamak then ordered him to tell his wife he was gay, claiming he was conveying a message from one of Bhavnagari’s dead sons.

      Shroff says he complied and they separated, though he claims Shiamak ordered them to stay married.

      The claim says Shiamak warned Shroff that choosing to be gay would “destroy his son’s spiritual mission on earth,” but Shiamak denies that, and says members are free to live their lives as they choose.

      Worried about son still in group

      “It was a very scary situation for me, because you think it’s the spirit souls in the world talking through him,” says Shroff, who is now openly gay and requesting a court order to prohibit Shiamak from having contact with his son.

      He shares custody with his ex-wife, who is still in the group.

      “I am extremely worried that … my son will be touched the same way I was as he grows older.…. that he will be influenced by the radical philosophies [of VRRP],” he says.

      Mistry says he was 18 when Shiamak invited a few male dancers to watch TV in his bedroom, wearing only his underwear, according to the claim.

      “It got to the point of him grabbing my hand, putting it on his genitalia … while another dancer would kiss him or touch him,” says Mistry, who soon joined Shiamak’s spiritual group.

      “I really got sucked in to that at that point in time, and also it started to get more physical,” he says, adding that Shiamak often kissed him on the mouth, once gave him a hickey and made unwanted sexual advances.

      Shiamak says there was never any sexual or physical interaction between him and Mistry.

      Shroff claims he confronted Shiamak about having sex with young dance and spiritual students.

      “I said Shiamak, you need to stop because … these are your dance and spiritual students who come to you for advice.”

      He claims Shiamak said the students “had more to lose by speaking out about it,” but Shiamak says that conversation never happened.

      Shroff and Mistry are claiming damages for psychological injuries.

      “Going up against him is like going up against a prophet,” says Shroff about his decision to sue.

      “I am not doing this out of revenge, I am doing this to help my son” he says.

      None of the plaintiffs allegations have been proven and Shiamak has asked the court to dismiss both lawsuits, with costs.

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