The Dirty Picture was a path-breaker: Tusshar

For the longest time, Tusshar’s dumb act in the super-successful Golmaal franchise dominated his roster.

Now the erotic The Dirty Picture, where he too had some raunchy scenes with Vidya Balan has taken over. Though TDP was quintessentially Vidya’s film, it has also opened the floodgates for this star-son who is being given a variety; from comedy to action to choose from.

Is it true that post TDP you’ve been offered a lot of erotic thrillers? Yes, that’s true! But I am not sticking by that. I will not accept this genre unless it truly excites me. The Dirty Picture was a path-breaker. The script of my next erotic film has to be either better than TDP or at least as good it. I have got a lot of offers for serious films too.

Because of Shor In The City? Yes! Shor In the city is definitely a feather in my cap. It does feel nice when people recognize your efforts. It is like a reward for all the effort you put in. But I don’t want to get stuck in a rut of doing just one genre of movies. I’m not in a hurry and cash in. For me the challenge lies in doing something different all the time.

Is that why you’re dabbling in action films now? It is an exciting space for me to be in! It also gives me a chance to work with new people. For instance, in Bhaiyyaji Superhit that is an action comedy directed by Neeraj Pathak, I share screen space with Sunny Deol and Arshad Warsi. There’s also Shootout At Wadala that I’m completely charged about. It is a hardcore action drama flick. I was a part of Shootout At Lokhandwala and that had worked at the box office. Being a part of Shootout At Wadala was a natural progress. I’m glad Sanjay Gupta offered me the film. As I said earlier variety is the key.


  1. hithere 10 years ago

    movie’s subject was new but handling was typical. Vidya was good but then movie was about her character.

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Welcome to the forum hithere.

      I did not like the movie from whatever I saw. I did not complete the movie.

      I felt it was a b-grade vulgar movie under the guise of a biopic but with A-list stars/actors. If they had shown Vidya doing scenes with double meaning dialogues as part of movies she is shooting that would have been fine. But the movie had Vidya speaking double meaning dialogues to some guy on the street and even Tusshar (the car driving scene). Now I don’t know in detail abut Silk Smitha but I doubt if she gave interviews in bathrooms or if she even won a award any time. The award speech looked like it was from some Ekta Kapoor TV serial the way everyone avoids her and Anju Mahendru applauds her.

      As for Vidya she was good in the scenes where she was serious or silent like the theater scene where she finds out her scene is cut. But I did not like her in the scenes where she was trying to be a diva. There is something about her dialogue delivery – there is some lazy pause filled way – it reminded me of her role in Lage Raho Munnabhai. Emraan Hashmi was very irritating with his narration. He did not even look like a guy from the 80s. He seemed to be like a present day guy who went to 80s in a time machine.

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