The Call Official Trailer

  1. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Very good trailer the same response help system should strictly apply in India too with very minimum time Police should be there at callers location last month Delhi rape case of the 23-year-old medical student’s friend that police response to their distress call after the incident was slow claim by the software engineer that even after reaching the spot here on the night of December 16, the police were arguing over jurisdiction of the case and were hesitant to lift the 23-year-old girl, losing crucial time.

  2. sputnik 11 years ago

    The scene where she is on call and the attacker pulls her out from hiding and talks on the phone is similar to a scene from Taken.

  3. ank_16n 11 years ago

    I heard that this movie Releasing directly on DVD’s . Is it True ??

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