That Day After Everyday – Short Film by Anurag Kashyap

  1. John Galt 11 years ago

    Baba- this is what you were talking about.

  2. Saurabh 11 years ago

    Underwhelmed by the ending. Was expecting a unique solution to the problem since it’s AK. What if those animals come with knives and acid next time? You can’t fight your way through that, no matter how hard you train. Probably should have ended with the bus elbowing sequence.

  3. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago


    Nice film.

    More a filmy type though not practical on any level.

  4. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Plus points are –

    I absolutely loved how the women work in the kind of opposition at home. I loved the feel of those small and narrow minded homes.
    I liked how it was an entertaining film

    Minuses were far more –

    The whole thing that a gang waits for them outside everyday does not seem believable atleast in Mumbai.
    Three women going at night to the training class (how did they get permission from their orthodox family)
    Did not at all like smoking of the girl sitting in car – smoking is always shown as symbolic to show ease / “I dont care” attitude” but please its so old fashioned and ugly now.
    Just by the uh and ohs of those men (when 3 women are fighting) ..police arrives at the spot – and we thought this is damn secluded spot where even their families / neighbours did not hear them.
    The ending where Hubby is preparing tea is only for the laughs – I felt the film became so shallow at the ending – just for laughs type / not practical at all and only for entertainment.

    The main thing which Kashyap missed was – the family/sociological changes which are subtle and dont come so easily. Maybe he was inspired by some short film style … but this was too shallow and disappointed me what it promised in first 10 mins.

    He could have been far more successful if showed only some of the fight / police not arriving / girls getting manhandled but still escape in the process …and someone in family – either hubby/saasu – not much angry on them – a subtle dialogue/gesture at the ending by hubby or saasu – which shows a “slight” change in their attitude.

    But he is not a Gulzar afterall.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      It was ok but I have similar issues. I know its a short film but they could have shown them going to training lessons regularly for a few days and then the final fight should have them shown them fighting confidently instead of scared like that.

      Sandhya Mridul’s character was totally unnecessary and she just stood there smoking. Agree with you that “smoking is always shown as symbolic to show ease / “I dont care” attitude” and here it is also supposed to be progressive because she is smoking like a guy. Instead they could have shown her inspiring/asking them to join the martial arts classes.

      Agree that initially the spot looked secluded and then everyone was looking from their windows.

      The husband making tea scene at the end was just for comedy. It looked like he was scared of his wife now and praising her fearing she will bash him now. Instead it could have been subtle with him supporting her saying she did the right thing.

  5. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    What am I pointing to (in above comment abt subtle change / change in basic attitude is):

    Now lets take for example of a short story called “Shikod” by Prafulla Roy directed by Gulzar.

    The ending of it is so fine. Whereas Kashyap’s ending seems just for entertainment.

    PS: Sputnik pls embed . Next time I will login.

  6. aryan 11 years ago

    Liked the short film by Anurag.

  7. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    (the issues have changed, the gravity of the seriousness has changed)

    But “we” are still same,

    I like the way stories are handled the Kirdaar way above. Just listen to the closing lines in the video. 🙂

    Somehow I dont like Western style of filmmaking – be it short films


    Nature films
    (they always end up making “most dangerous animals in sea/land” etc …whereas all animals are most beautiful or lovely – they love accidents whereas we love Chetak kind of friendship)


    Their love for destruction/ devastation.

    Whereas we love and celebrate friendships/relationships on most part.

    PS: I missed many things on above comment as it timed out. But in short , I hate western style of short story telling. Anurag is just trying to copy west and is/ influenced to entertain western style here. Period.

  8. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Such films make me feel like even this filmmaker made me feel like a chutiyaa. (sorry for harsh language … but I saw his class work just now)

    Happened to see portions of Black Friday again yday…(A film which I consider as classic has reduced to low standards after I saw this video…)

    And realized that he has made chutiya of us for long time. (I mean basic premise is same but I now doubt the treatment very much “$%$^^ ” …esp after the above video…)

    What a manipulation motherfucker Kashyap!!!

    Just for the cinematic effect / impact U let go off realism and fake it and twist it in other way to show realism in a fake and twisted way which is bullshit (feku-shit as I call it)!!

  9. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    I hope Sputnik does not censor my comment above.

    Mr. Kashyap understands only this language.

    And he should get the criticism right …and in right language (which he understands)…and should take it in right spirit!!

    Looking forward to his next (he is one of the best directors we have)…

    • Baba 11 years ago

      he never takes criticism in the right spirit, talking from first hand experience on twitter during gow

  10. Anajanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    (See black Friday again after above video – and you will know what I mean) — what a Feku saala !!

  11. FS 11 years ago

    First half solid second half hallow

  12. saurabh 11 years ago

    I didn’t get what was feku in Black friday.
    It was based on the book by Hussain Zaidi. thats it.
    I don’t know the truth around Bombay blast. But what anurag showed was based on this book, as I have read that book.
    Though i dnt know what is the reality coz i m not gangster but what is shown in movie and written in the book made complete sense to me, Like I thought may be it happened this way as i couldn’t find any loop holes

    please enlighten me.

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