TE3N Inspired/Copied from Korean movie Montage?

The TE3N trailer is good but it is very similar to the Korean movie Montage. The plot of Montage on IMDB says “15 years ago, a mother lost her child in a kidnapping case. A similar crime happens again and she won’t let him go this time.” The synopsis below the Montage trailer says “The statue of limitations is about to run out on a kidnap crime case that occurred 15 years ago. The mother who lost her child, the detective with a guilty conscience, and the kidnapper with his own secret. The three characters traumatized by the case try to solve it before it’s too late. ” Montage has a grandfather character too but it looks like they made the grandfather character the one searching for the child instead of the mother and instead of 15 it is 8 years.

Here is the trailer of Montage.

And here is the trailer of TE3N for comparison.

  1. yakuza 8 years ago

    This is official remake , not inspired or copied.

    Is ‘Te3n’ a remake of a Korean film?
    Yes, it is. Sujoy got the rights. I didn’t see the original. I preferred not to. I don’t like to watch the originals of the remakes that I do because it unnecessarily puts ideas into your head. I would rather do something that is relevant to what is written and what the director wants me to do.


    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Good to know that it is a official remake. Thanks @yakuza.

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