Tattad Tattad Song – Ramleela

  1. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Who is this singer? Trying to mimic Udit Narayan.

    song is horrible btw – just noise and nothing else.

    • Author
      aryan 9 years ago

      ‘Tattad Tattad’ has been sung by singer Udit Narayan’s son Aditya, who is getting his big break in Bollywood.
      Song is horrible there is no doubt Ranveer Singh shows of his six-pack abs thats it there is nothing new in the song.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Agree with you that the “song is horrible btw – just noise and nothing else.” Music is composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali too.

      Aditya does sound a bit like his father Udit.

      Even picturization and choreography is bad with Ranveer doing pelvic thrusts.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Thanks Aryan 🙂 that explains it.
    Good to know, Udit was the last singer who had a distinct identity for his voice. (if we leave Sukhwinder Singh apart). A pleasant voice.

    Saw the video now. Looks more OTT than most masala films of late.

  3. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    What appeals me about Udit’s voice is bit of pain in there as well as he is pleasant / jubilant at same time (the tone of his )

    At present, Rashid Khan is top classical singer in India. One of my most fav for his classical singing. His “Aaoge jab tum saajna” reminds me of Udit somehow.

    On another note, you had mentioned couple of times about classical singers taking too many “taans” can ruin a simple hindi song. To this I have to say, its called “gamak” (wiki: ornamentation that is used in the performance of Indian classical music) and its more dominant in Carnatic classical. Hindustani classical on the other hand uses “gamak” when its necessary only. Carnatic classical overdoes it. As my Guru says, “gamak” is like a achaar/or salt – which gives taste to the food we are eating. Agar achaar/namak ko hi khaana banake khaya jaaye – to kya hoga? Thats why Carnatic classical doesn’t appeal to me as well.

    Carnatic and Hindustani are way too different in their treatment for music.

    Thats why, when one listens to Rashid Khan singing “aaoge jab tum” – there is no unnecessary effort to put in a “gamak”.

  4. Bored 9 years ago

    Bhansali ki nautanki …

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    To add to my above, I forgot to mention to Rashid’s “Allah hi raham”.

    An absolute delight to listen. He takes “gamak” only in two places for “allah”. ..and one each for “ruh-e” and “zubaaN” words.


  6. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


  7. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    He also uses a light gamak at “dekhi” (in “dekhi hai teri nigaheein”).

    Here is Rashid Khan singing “Aaoge Jab tum” in a live concert. I find he puts in “gamak” to often here – but IMO it doesnt harm the song. (ppl may have different opinion – yes he does it bit more here but I think its more to do with TV sponsors / demand etc .. also I feel its edited)

  8. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Haven’t seen the video, but found the song decent – although have to say there’s excess of tattad tattad there (d silent) ..

    when I read the comments here indicating that most of you found the song horrible, I was like- itna bhi bura nahi hai…Its possible that the video made it feel bad 😉

  9. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    On TQ, whenever I hear a song; I make it a point not to see the video 🙂 (atleast for the first time).

    Video distracts lot of things…

    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      Yes it does..

      btw I do feel the song has a HUM dil De chuke Sanam touch to it…I think the excessive bhasad (read: tattad) made it noisy.

      Regarding Udit style of singing: i think udit and shaan are the only two singers who can evoke a smile in a sad song.

  10. Baba 9 years ago

    i didnt find the song horrible, its avg, will be forgotten after the film. adityas voice is not bad. ranveer looks a bit gay without shirt.why does he have a beard when there he has waxed his chest and stomach? 😀

    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      LOL baba


      • Baba 9 years ago

        yes but MJW has a trimmed beard. while look at ranveers moustache. he wants to adapt the look of a village street smart but also wants the gym body of a urban guy

  11. FS 9 years ago

    Confidence is a good thing but WTF was that?

    Below avg song

  12. shan 9 years ago

    The song tries hard to create a festive feeling but falls short, especially due to the excessive use of Dhatad Tatad. It sounds better without the video. Agree with Suprabh, it does have a Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam touch.

    Ranveer is trying hard but looks weird. Some of his steps come across as feminine, while some like the pelvic thrusts appear vulgar. IMO, this is because he is trying too hard and the effortlessness doesnt show. Maybe I am biased when I say this, but Salman somehow could pull off such dance steps in his younger days (remember Judwaa?). He had a way of doing such steps in a comical way, without making them look too vulgar. I can totally see the 1999 Sallu pull off this song, but neither today’s Sallu nor Ranveer are capable of doing it. 🙂 Looking forward to Ramleela – hope Bhansali recreates the Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam magic. Trust Deepika to shine, not so sure about Ranveer and Supriya Patahk – both look OTT.

  13. Bored 9 years ago

    Ya Ranveer seems to be trying the Salman stuff here and coming off very awkward.

  14. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Finally saw the video and my sympathies to the people who watched it before… The video is actually horrible and it makes the song sound horrible too..

    That extended Champi dance movie is completely what the fuck.

    I totally agree with Shan- Salman would have completely rocked such a song.

    Have to say Ranvir looked completely out of place and the dance moves were absolutely not in sync with the song…His screen presence (for this song) was horrible.

    Baba- you were right…This extended beard with clean shaven body is horrible.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      yes, look should be consistent. if you want to sport a gym body greek god look (hrithik in that krrish song ), you should not try to mix villager stubble /beard in it.either be fully waxed or dont be waxed at all. I am ok with either but mixing both makes him wannabe.

  15. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Did anyone notice..It seemed as if Ranveer’s close up camera had a high power fan attached on top of it.

  16. Bored 9 years ago

    Listened to the song without video – and its really not that bad. All the gay dancing makes it terrible though.

  17. Bored 9 years ago

    Bhansali should have gone to Salman to make this work:



    • Baba 9 years ago

      agreed but may be 15 years ago. salman of today is just as irritating in this kind of song

  18. Bored 9 years ago

    I think he still is the best bet to pull this off.

  19. saurabh 9 years ago

    Agree with bored nd shaan(Salman) nd baba(song)

  20. Author
    aryan 9 years ago

    Ranveer Singh hospitalised, down with dengue

    ‘Ramleela’s’ lead actor Ranveer Singh has apparently been under the weather for a while now and reports are that the actor is down with dengue.

    Ranveer Singh was down with high fever and contracted an infection while shooting for his Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Gunday’ in Durgapur.

    However, being the professional that he is, the actor put on a brave face and continued with the shoot so as not to incur any delay in the schedule.

    However, reports have it that Ranveer Singh has been hospitalised in Mumbai and that he is down with dengue.

    A source from Yash Raj Films which is producing Gunday has confirmed the illness and hospitalisation at a suburban hospital.

    Not much has been revealed about his condition; however, we hope the actor makes a speedy recovery.

    Bollywood director Yash Chopra had also contracted dengue last year and died after his condition worsened due to the fatal illness.


  21. Bored 9 years ago

    Btw once i stopped watching the video, this song has grown on me.

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