Tanqeed Film Festival: Koshish

As part of the Gulzar series check out the movie Koshish. Gulzar won the National Award for Best Screenplay and Sanjeev Kumar won the National Award for Best Actor.

Haricharan Mathur delivers newspapers on his bicycle and lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay India just like millions of other Bombayites. But for Haricharan there is a difference he is both deaf and dumb. One day he comically collides with equally deaf mute Aarti and both fall in love and get married. Soon they give birth to a son who is normal much to the relief of his parents. One rainy night their house gets burglarized by Aartis brother Kanu who leaves the door open and also steals Haris bike. The child ventures out in the rain and subsequently dies leaving both Aarti and Hari devastated. Their lives get turned upside down as Hari is unable to deliver newspapers anymore and must find other means of employment to survive. He does so by polishing shoes. In this manner they survive and give birth to yet another son and name him Amit. Hari and Aarti are thrilled that Amit is able to hear and speak and would like him to study and find a better job. Will Aarti and Haris dreams be fulfilled? How will Amit turn out?


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