Tanqeed Film Festival: Fireworks Wednesday (Chaharshanbe Suri)

Check out the Iranian movie Fireworks Wednesday directed by Asghar Farhadi, the director of the Oscar winning A Separation. Thanks to CilemaSnob and Mihir Fadnavis for pointing to this movie.

Fireworks Wednesday is a portrait of three marriages set against the backdrop of the Persian New Year, Chaharshanbe Suri (Wednesday Feast).

The story begins with Rouhi, a young woman approaching her wedding day, flirting with her fiance as they ride into town together on his motorcycle. To make some money to help pay for the wedding, she secures a temporary job cleaning an apartment in northern Tehran. Upon arriving at the apartment she finds herself in the middle of a heated domestic dispute between Mojdeh and Morteza. Mojdeh suspects that her husband Morteza is cheating on her with the next door neighbor Simin, a woman who set up a beauty salon there after her own marriage broke up.

Over the course of the day, the young woman, the sparring couple, their small son, the wife’s sister and husband, and the beautician engage in a series of exchanges, confrontations, and prevarications as the truth unfolds.

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    sputnik 10 years ago

    Saw the movie today. The couple are fighting and a maid starts working for them which is similar to A Separation. This also deals with the theme of truth and lies. Its good but not as good as A Separation.

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