Tanqeed Film Festival: Amar Prem

Check out the movie Amar Prem as part of the Rajesh Khanna tribute.

AMAR PREM is the story of three innocent souls–who by circumstances come near each other and are bound by the thread of eternal love. Pushpa – Sharmila Tagore a simple housewife from a village is thrown out of her house by her husband because she could not have a child. Dejected she comes to her own village and meets a croom nepal babu – who takes her to calcutta to give her a job. There she is cheated by him and is forced to take shelter in prostitute quarters. Anand – Rajesh Khanna A rich man of the city is neglected by his ultra modern wife and has no place to go. One day while passing through the same locality he hears a song and is attracted by the beautiful voice. He meets pushpa and both are tied to each other. Nandoo – a child who stays nearby – is always ill-treated by his step-mother. He comes in pushpa’s life and finds a mother in her. But fate had something else to offer.


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