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I am starting a new feature whereby I shall put up movies – classics, foreign language, regional cinema and finally we can have some good collection and references to bank upon. I would like to request Sputnik, Baba, FS, Tangoji, hithere to recommend cinematic pieces from time to time. I am naming it Tanqeed Film Festival which will be known as TFF from today. 😉 Yes,I am not expecting a flow of comments but I perfectly believe that one day we will have great discussions and some other day, it will go unnoticed. But at the end, the visitors and readers of this emerging and great site will be served a choice and a good one! Thanks to Sputnik for this idea via his Geethanjali thread that was posted on Ratnam’s birthday. Hope he does not mind me taking this ahead in this manner. It is not only me who can post under this title. Anyone can. I am posting Ray’s Nayak. We have discussed Pather Panchali many a times, I may put that up later.

  1. Author
    Milind 12 years ago

    Watch it.It is subtitled. You will not feel bored.It is a simple story but effectively told.Spinning story that has the required effect was Ray’s forte. Even likes of Adoor confessed at having been influenced by Ray.Such was his cinematic influence on the emerging new order of Indian Cinema as of then.He grew self-indulgent later,as all maestros do but nonetheless he is duly crowned as the “Greatest Indian Director”ever born!

  2. hithere 12 years ago

    Sadly I haven’t seen much of Ray’s work and whatever I have seen, I probably had no idea what I am watching at that time.

    • Author
      Milind 12 years ago

      Starting with Nayak,which has SUBTITLES,wouldn’t be a bad idea.It is a very simple story.You can watch it in parts.

      I started with Ray precisely because I feel he should be the first in any discussion on World Cinema from Indian perspective.Not only is his style much in sync with the European masters like Capra and Godard but also he preserves the Indian culture in the narrative very nicely.In coming times I shall put “Gupi Gayen….” and I am sure many will love it. Pather Panchali is a treatise on Cinema that the masters from south like Adoor and even Mani utilise. Mani in Iruvar or Geethanjali and to some extent in Uyaire[Dil Se] has brought in traits from Ray.Adoor in Ellipathayam and in a few more that I have seen seems greatly impressed by Ray.Thus I started with Ray.

      Ray’s peculiar quality is that while he makes his character speaks,you just cannot miss that he is making a statement that attacks or celebrates some situation in the context of our lives. I particularly admire him a lot more than Adoor.

  3. sputnik 12 years ago


    Thanks for the initiative. I made some changes to the title.

    Let’s do this I will try to post a movie every day. Lets have a regional movie once a week and a foreign language movie once a week. We can have Bollywood movies the rest of the week. Anyone can post/suggest a movie.

  4. narad_muni 12 years ago

    great initiative.

    Milu, this is one of my fav films of all times. The performances of Uttam and Sharmila take it to a new level altogether.
    I was thinking of starting something for a while but been lazy to write.
    In fact, I am revisting all of Ray’s classics again. Saw Charulata and Jalsaghar this weekend – 2 real gems in ray’s filmgography!

  5. cr7 12 years ago

    have seen it..not my favorite work of ray but it is special..uttam kumar is brilliant . The sensitivity with which he has portrayed the character, almost makes it look like his own life story .this is probably his best performance. watching uttam in and as nayak is truly a special experience.

    @milind-good initiative. keep it up.

  6. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    Personal Opinion

    TFF – Sounds great, something with International appeal like all other Film Festivals but it should not be made boring just like those real film festival events. Actually you can make a separate Forum all together with such Concept. Hope this concept and thread will be referred by many bollywood celebrities in future 😉 This is the second best (which you guys can make it the best) concept that i came across bollywood movie forums after Ihab’s thread. Difference being in Ihab thread you discuss on weekly basis and the idea is same – suggesting movies but there is no bar (any movie can be suggested which makes it very interesting). Lets see how this will go on from here.

    Innovative Concept.. great Milind.

  7. sputnik 12 years ago

    I have not seen the movie but love this scene which I had seen earlier. Will definitely check out the movie later.

  8. Ritz 12 years ago



    really mean it


    Sorry for my blabbering…I had taken down so many notes on this movie …

    but dont have patience to write in in logical way…

    sorry for that…


  9. Ritz 12 years ago



    (he asked why u r not married to her while in all this –

    i mean i can understand ppl outside of window…but why

    two men besides?)

    Have seen many down to earth incidences of stars in

    chennai etc – but then she asks (cont frm above para) abt

    his first day of shoot and then a man besides him is

    listening keenly ….

    Probably Ray wanted to show how closely live’s of stars /

    actors are being spied on…but he did a poor job in this

    scene (cud have done it better)

    (OR DID HE??? we never know the times of that era…and

    north indians wont realize south stars are so accessible

    at any place etc))

    before leaving home mr “nayak” – puts on glasses while the

    other guy gives him the phone of heroine

    The feloow travellers are well to do ofcourse. (not I want to bring in one one observation I had – I have seen many major stars in chennai in chennai while i was in my colony…like say Surya/Jeeva/Sarath Kumar/ (and now recently Dhanush whom i met in a restaurent and didnt even know he was a star ….etc


    When “mr ghosh” and other traveller are conversing abt …

    leftist thought and rightish etc ..I cud sense the similarity with “maharshtririan thinking” which i have been part of all my life …i know where there is “breakthought!!”

    what i didnt like

    how can man at “that” stage ‘as nayak is ‘ dream about money shower

    (while he is taking a nap in train?) I mean money is imp

    to him ..but that scene cud have done in a better way


    High point (what i liked most) which reflected

    intelligence of director…

    When “Mukund Lahiri” is enacting a scene where he is

    scarce of money with the young “Nayak” – “Mukund Lahiri”

    tells young budding actor ”

    (what is red letter day?)

    but phone ringing …he going in “daldal ” of money..and

    asking for help…
    Liked makeup of shankarda

    Flaw 2 – why do two other guys accompany them on the

    dining table ? Here is a superstar sitting at the dining

    table / ppl looking from window on a station at him…he

    is a superstar….and suddenly they realize 2 guys

    sitting besides them?

    LOVE WHEN in the end “o re pranasakha ” etcsong….huhuhu

  10. Ritz 12 years ago

    @Sputni and MILIND and Baba

    sorry for bothering u

    I lost my mind….

    That was my last blabbering here….

    U r good guys…




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