Tamma Tamma and Jhumma Chumma Songs copied from Mory Kante’s Songs Tama Tama and Yeke Yeke

The movie Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya has a remix of the song Tamma Tamma from Thanedaar. Its funny that they decided to a do a remix of a copied song. The song Tamma Tamma was copied from the songs Tama Tama and and Yeke Yeke by Mory Kante. Bappi Lahiri not only copied the song but even the words Tama Tama. Laxmikanth Pyarelal copied the same songs for the Jhumma Chumma song from Hum. And then they fought over who copied first.

Here is Tamma Tamma from Thanedaar.

Here is Jhumma Chumma from Hum.

And here is Tama Tama by Mory Kante.

And here is Yeke Yeke by Mory Kante.

Amitabh Bachchan had defended Jhumma Chumma and insinuated that Bappi Lahiri copied from Jhumma Chumma. But the youtube video has now been removed.

And what’s interesting is that Yeke Yeke was itself used in the background music of Agneepath.

  1. Shali 5 years ago

    Thank you for the article and well done.
    I think the Indian censor board should also consider plagiarism before they certify a film.
    And we as the audience should take it upon ourselves to inform the original artists. The more people sue this shameful industry the better. Then we’ll see who the true artist are.
    I love this song and I hope we as Indians can appreciate it in its original form. It’s better then the Bollywood copies for sure.
    Please let’s all stand up against plagiarism.

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