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  1. sauravjha 8 years ago

    Really really really liked the film. In fact LOVED it. Superlative performances, unbelievable sincerity and honesty in performances. Imtiaz Ali’s cinema doesn’t appeal to some people which is mostly due to lack of connect audience might feel. But this one connected to me like none of his other films could. Was his fan even before Tamasha but mostly cos of his taste in music and ability to extract the best of his actors. But this time he has won me over completely. Those scenes in second half between Deepika-Ranbir, those self-conflicting one of Ranbir’s alone will stay with me for a long time! Deepika needless to say anything about her, she is outdoing herself in every passing film. She simply elevates the screen when she is in the frame. More power to her! Ranbir, phew boy did he need this film. But he is back with aplomb! Extremely sincere performance, this wasn’t an easy character to play at all. So many layers, so many inner demons. Absolutely brilliant! Must must watch!!

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