Talaash for a brilliant suspense thriller continues….

Posting on behalf of Anas Ghayas
Expectations were high and an interesting marketing campaign chosen by the dynamic Khan gave indications that we are in for another WTF-ending after Kahaani early this year. Kahaani had its issues but Aamir Khan at the helm meant he might topple that, despite reports of plot being similar to Kahaani.

Talaash is an interestingly leisured movie that is to be watched and understood for its deep rooting somber mood rather than edge of seat thriller. Much to the chagrin of Indian movie goer.Long shots works well with tone of the movie however with some tighter scissors, it would have being a much better than it ended out to be. Here are a few I would like to discuss :

1. The scene where Aamir confronts Shernaz Patel when he finds that “Pagal women” with this wife apparently taking to their son . The problem lies in lines which Shernaz Patel mouths, you kinda get the feeling these lines will replay in the flash back at the climax .

2. Kareena’s Da vinci coded line in the lift to Aamir about Shashi’s whereabouts and Aamir deciphering them like a genius next morning.

3. They could have added more red herrings like the one at the stroke on interval – when it is implied Rosy is talking to Temur or earlier in the movie when she talks to Shashi in the cab .

4. Could have allowed another character to speak in-directly to Rosy , would have thrown audience more off track

5. Anurag Kashyap did some additional dialogues for the movie which are outright disappointing. Take for matter the conversation between Rosy & Inspector at the beach side .

6. Should have thrown in more potential suspects to divert the attention from the real suspense .

Guess , the major problem remains with dialogues & appearance of Kareena’s character . Not to take away anything from her , from a gorgeous performance she gave . But the dialogues where too clunky , cheesy & give away.

The question remains , if the plot was such a guarded secret and the whole marketing was built on the keeping the story like Coca-Cola formula deep in Atlantic Ocean . Then, why giving away such freeways to the audience.

Talaash is excellent when witnessed as psychological drama with a deep character study but fails viscerally as suspense thriller . So , that Gupt like suspense which was matched to extent by Kahaani early this year – is by far our best answer to Usual Suspects & Sixth Sense !

P.S : Food for thought – The feel & the tone of the movie is lifted from AMC’s TV series “The Killing “. Set in Seattle , shows the city in a very different light . The series is very pensive , moody & times get boring . The main character also faces some inner demons

  1. Syed Numan Ahmad 9 years ago


  2. Ritz 9 years ago

    …and makers told N number of times its not a thriller

    I have to say something (which I had said earlier number of times ) about pace of a movie.

    You have RGV school (which includes Amit Shimin to Sriram Raghvan to Anurag Kashyap) who like changing scenes / camera angles and patchy editing to increase viewer interest (nothing against them or their filmmaking style which I am very fond of their films and style) but the story does not necessarily move forward. Only frames change. (Vishal Bharadwaj is an exception for couple of movies he did)

    And off late our viewer’s are impatient and worse is their critique – they think a still camera means lousy screenplay or slow movie.

    For me, I liked Excel’s Don more than original Don for its so called “slow pace” – which was just right – it kind of created the atmosphere and mood.

    • aryan 9 years ago

      Aamir Khan scared of Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786?
      Rumour has it that Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan has approached Akshay Kumar and requested him to postpone the release of his upcoming movie Khiladi 786 by a week. According to sources, Aamir Khan thinks that Khiladi 786 can hamper Talaash’s Box Office business that is why he asked Akshay to postpone his film.

      Interestingly, not long ago, it was said that Aamir Khan is doing the same thing with Akshay’s Khiladi 786, what Yash Raj Films did to Son Of Sardar. It was said that Aamir also has booked maximum number of single screens for Talaash and this has left Khiladi 786 with limited number of screens. But now we hear that Aamir wants Akshay to postpone his film.

      However, sources say that Akshay Kumar tried to do best for Aamir Khan and even talked to his co-producers, Himesh Reshammiya and Eros International to postpone the film. But somehow the things did not work out in Aamir Khan’s favour.

      So, guys do you think even after the release of Khiladi 786 Aamir’s Talaash can reach the 100 crore mark?


    • SobbingDon 9 years ago

      I dont agree ! Makers actually barked it out that it was a suspense thriller . They guarded the plot like an international bank & based thier marketing campaign on this as well . In this way , movie fails to live the reputation of suspense thriller .
      Even surprising is that , Reema Kagti made it so much easier for audience to decipher the big reveal .
      Overall , I really liked the movie , if Excel would have promoted the movie as a psychological drama , then sure the movie would have triumphed .

      Also , I dont mind the slow pace , as it is intended and unravels itself . So its fun being restless & intrigued at the same time !

      • Sneha 9 years ago

        The is a difference between Suspense triller n Suspense Drama

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