Sweeta Song – Kill Dil

  1. yakuza 10 years ago

    This looks like most refreshing movie. Super songs. Already among my most awaited list along with PK.

  2. cr7 10 years ago

    I can’t tolerate Parineeti anymore .She used to be one of my favorites . In such a short career she has been very successful in stereotyping herself . If she wants a long career she immediately need to stop doing yrf movies .

  3. yakuza 10 years ago

    But biggest attraction in this movie is Govinda after long time in different role, Shad Ali ‘s unique direction , fresh clean shaven look of Ranveer and of course Music.

    Everything revealed so far is better than 99.99% of stuff we are seeing now days.

  4. yakuza 10 years ago

    btw .. off topic. Image of Suhaag show during 80’s re-run in Sri Nagar ..

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