Sultan Teaser 2 Copied from Will of Steel – Geeta Phogat’s Story

  1. saurabh sharma 8 years ago

    I don’t feel its copied, except may be last scene.. How else you introduce a lady wrestler in india/haryana. I don’t think they would have copied it from a film that is about to release. Only thing i think is they would not know about it and had the same approach.

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      sputnik 8 years ago

      Why does a lady wrestler in Sultan also have to be from Haryana? And do lady wrestlers usually wrestle with men?

      There are multiple scenes in the Sultan teaser straight out of the Will of Steel teaser like the lady wrestler getting up in the morning, jogging, doing pull ups, a women making cakes of cow dung, wrestling with a male wrestler, back shot of walking to the fight in the ring and then winning. Both trailers have a narrator narrating in Haryanvi. The Will of Steel is a sarcastic one with opposite things being shown to the narration whereas the Sultan one has one praising women.

      Do you think all these things are common due to some weird coincidence? I don’t think so. The makers of Sultan 2 copied from the Will of Steel teaser. Plain and simple.

      Now Salman Khan fans obviously will deny that it is copied but come on you are not a Salman fan are you?

      • saurabh sharma 8 years ago

        Since you said its a trailer, and i didn’t see the video till very end so i didn’t realize its an ad. I thought its a movie and about to release. That was my reason that it can not be copied directly by any lil bit sensible person (i really think Ali Abbas Zafar can not be that mindless, srk/anubhav sinha can be- and batman).

        But I saw that ad is from 2015 and so yes, it can be copied from the ad.

        The moment I say I m fan of someone, will all my logical points be thrown out. I remember I said once that I loved Breaking Bad, and somebody said, since srk loved it so fans are loving it. I don’t think every fan is mindlessly loving someone
        I think Fans are biased, yes definitely. But in discussion i think weightage should be given on points. [its a generic observation, not pointing out your point, i think you logically put your reply]. But generally many people don’t take the point given by a fan seriously [specially in case of srk and salman].
        btw i think you would have got whose fan I am.. 😛

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