Sultan Official Trailer starring Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma

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    cr7 5 years ago

    Liked it .

  2. Avatar Author
    aryan 5 years ago

    Anushka looks good.

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    Good trailer. Liked it. Seems like a good underdog story. Looking forward to this.

    Good to see Salman playing a 40 year old. Salman is looking good. Anushka is looking good too.

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    FS 5 years ago

    Didnt like it, as it didn’t live up to the level of hope it generated from its teaser. The second part of the teaser neither triumps in entertainment nor in realism. Its caught up between the two and most probably it would end up like “meri brother ku dulhan”

  5. Avatar Author
    aryan 5 years ago

    Full songs jukebox

    • Avatar Author
      aryan 5 years ago

      Arijit Singh song Jag Ghoomeya has been removed from the album by Salman Khan so sad it seems all effort by Arijit publicly apologized wasted he is a very talented singer and he should try to concentrate on singing.

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