Sudhir Mishra-Anubhav Sinha get together for an action film

‘Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One seems to have become contagious. Now even a serious avant-garde director like Sudhir Mishra is changing genres for Anubhav. It’s surprising but Sudhir is planning to make “an out-and-out action film.”

Informs our source, “The script is a kick ass combination of cerebral and physical action, a kind of Bourne Identity meets Jackie Chan. It will have a huge star cast and some of the most elaborate action scenes seen on this side of the Hong Kong Kung Fu films.”

Apparently, Sinha’s friend Shah Rukh Khan is being persuaded to play the main lead, while Irrfan Khan, Arunoday Singh and Vidyut Jamwal are being slotted into the other parts.

The film is ready to go on the floors but may be pushed forward if Sudhir Mishra gets the final cast of his ambitious project Mehrunissa in place. The Big B is yet to give his final nod to Mehrunissa.

When contacted Sudhir Mishra admitted to collaboration with Anubhav Sinha saying, “We haven’t yet decided if that would be my next film. It all depends on Mehrunissa. If that takes off then I’ll do the film for Anubhav next.”‘


  1. Manish 10 years ago

    sorry to say but pls keep away srk from axn .. he is bad in it and i mean it whether it was josh , one two ka four , Ra 1 , wasnt convincing even in any one of these

    He doesnt seem to belong to such movies ..

    P.S. i havent seen don-2 and iam saying it on the basis of what i have seen

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I did not like josh and one two ka four – both were bad films for me. Ra 1 did not have any real action if you know what I mean.

      You should see Don 2 and he was good in the action scenes and there was lot of hand to hand combat. Lot of people including SRK fans think that SRK is great at romantic movies
      and that he can’t do any action/masala. SRK could do action scenes from his very first movie Deewana – it was Aamir who was considered
      chocolate boy and he had no action scenes in any of his earlier movies.

      Baazigar had lot of action/masala. The fights of Baazigar were really good – they were done by the late Akbar Bakshi and I used to like his
      action – very hardcore, stylish and with glass pieces sticking to faces and so on.

      • Manish 10 years ago

        There has to be certain believablitity to the character .. the character of baazigar , darr and even anajaam were wicked and even one character of don -1 , manipulative but in the real sense not axn heroes …

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I am talking about if someone seems convincing in action scenes. To me SRK seemed convincing in action scenes in Baazigar, Darr or Anjaam. Amol Palekar is a very good actor but you can’t imagine him in action scenes.

          Now you are talking action heroes in Bruce Willis/Stallone/Arnold or Akshay/Ajay closer to home. So even Don 2 won’t fit into this criteria but the climax has some good hand to hand combat like in Hollywood action movies.

  2. Manish 10 years ago

    sputnik ur views on this post ??

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      So who is directing Anubhav or Sudhir and whose screenplay is it? Ra.One was messed up by the bad screenplay and unnecessary addition of scenes trying to please certain sections of the audience. I think those were more SRK’s fault and I think Anubhav was helpless to say no to a powerful star/producer.

      With a tight script/screenplay I think Anubhav can manage to surprise everyone.

      • Manish 10 years ago

        yes he can .. i dont which one is true ?? what is going on ?? because i have hear so many things .. For Akki i can believe because he do a many movies together … with srk .. i have heard YRF one , Chennai express is confirmed then there are rumours of trying to make ramayana , then there are two more projects with akki (abbas mastan and ekta plus karan combo)

        dont exactly have any idea whther this is true or nt .. or which one is true

  3. narad_muni 10 years ago

    I agree with Sputnik…SRK can pull off action role convincingly.
    He was very gud in action scenes of DON 2 and some of his earlier movies as well…

    He can’t ever play the old-style bollywood action hero a la Sunny Paa-ji but he can portray a smart action hero role very well.

    This is something which SRK haters and fans of other fans say … to just pull him down and say that he is only gud in one genre- romance.n the reason given is his action movies are not as big hits as the romantic ones…
    For example, DON 2 is a solid hit from whichever angle you look at it….n the movie has been liked by urban junta in general which includes many non-fans..Now, just bcoz it did less business than BG, doesn’t mean that SRK is not accepted in that genre..Its just bcoz the movie dint appeal to all sections of the audience due to the different treatment and lack of typical BW masala n songs. Also, it came after the terrible negativity of RA.ONE within 2 months and dint have any extended weekend.
    But still it is the 2nd highest grosser worldwide for 2011, with IMDB of 7.4, moutshut recommendation of 80%,BMS recommendation of 87%… clearly shows the urban junta have liked it.

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