Student of The Year Theatrical Trailer

  1. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Duniya idhar ki udhar ho jaaye lekin kjo nahi sudhrega.looks like a revisit to his own past films with a bit of jjws thrown in but with a bunch of poor actors.pathetic.

  2. aryan 12 years ago

    Agreed Baba below average trailer kuch maaza nahin aiya. Same Karan Johar type of movie almost looks like Mohabbatein.

  3. cr7 12 years ago


  4. prince 12 years ago

    He has a unique style of film making but the problem is it is outdated in present scenario.

  5. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Looks like JJWS + Always Kabhi Kabhi set in a Mohabbatein school.

    hmm… so Angrez school gives the cinematic liberty to jazz/gloss it up but then which class are they are in and school students are drinking?

    Liked the music that starts at 2:32. Sounds like some music I heard before.

    Siddharth looks and seems to be acting better than Varun. Alia seems to be doing Pooh role from K3G.

    Looks like KJo is back to doing what he is best/worst at depending on whether you love/hate his movies. After half a step forward with MNIK in the right direction he has gone twenty steps backward. I have a feeling that this is either going to go the Always Kabhi Kabhi way or do decently like a Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

    • hithere 12 years ago

      Good comment!

    • milind 12 years ago

      Johar is back….lovers of masala can go and start counting days!! 😉 Sputnik,the man is a master of his trade…he wont fail…unlike rathnam and others,he knows his target audience…this will be a multiplex hit easily.

  6. milind 12 years ago

    It gained great response on twitter…shailesh,nahta,taran and others called it fresh.Masala lovers,times up.pack yr bags.

  7. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    He has proved that without Srk, Kjo can’t walk decently 😉

  8. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Look who’s grown up! I wish she was the lead in the film.I would have seen it in theatre then 😉

  9. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Damn…She looks Hawwwt!

    Playing the Dumb Rich Hot Girl in Collg…Perfect!

    “Duniya idhar ki udhar ho
    jaaye lekin kjo nahi sudhrega.”

    😀 😀 😀

    MNIK was all Shahrukh’s Brilliant Effort…Johar Failed as a Filmmaker.


    Average Trailer with all the
    Cliché Stuff in d World..
    Forget the Brilliance of JJWS, it wud be an Amazing Feat to even match upto a MFK.

    I really expectd Johar to
    infuse the film wid some
    Maturity along wid dat
    Youthful Vibe bt dis looks
    same as dose ‘Wannabe Cool Teens’ type.

    I myt watch it anyways cz I
    got Holidays in Oct and me and my Entire Frnd Grup is the “Target Audience” fr dis kinda Shit!


    I have always Maintained dat Johar is a Fantastic Producer but Average Director.

    And SOTY doesnt luk to change dat thought dat too widout SRK.

    I am highly luking frmwrd to Rishi Kapoor(as a Gay Dean) & Ronit Roy’s Perfrmance rather than these Plastic Leads.

    Is dis Jr. College or Degree?

  10. cr7 12 years ago

    “Is dis Jr. College or Degree?”

    i have the same question.

    i liked mfk a lot. .i hope it turns out to be something like that. but trailer is not impressive.

    srk doing any cameo??i think he is front runner to present the trophy of soty .

  11. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Taran Adarsh has already written a review of SOTY or so it seems. Such a blatant PR piece – comparing Karan Johar with Raj Kapoor WTF.

    Almost four decades ago, Raj Kapoor, one of the finest film-makers India has produced, took a rather brave decision of casting two newcomers in his ambitious project BOBBY. Almost everyone in the film industry was caught by surprise. A similar situation arose when Karan Johar, one of the most successful stories of our times, decided to cast three rank newcomers in his ambitious outing STUDENT OF THE YEAR. Like Raj Kapoor, after having worked with the biggest of names in the business, Karan could’ve easily signed any top league star for his new film, but he didn’t.

    At a time when the industry bigwigs often complain that there’s a genuine dearth of newcomers, not many film-makers have the courage to stick their neck out by launching films with new faces. However, despite starring fresh faces, Karan has ensured that the look and feel of STUDENT OF THE YEAR is at par with any biggie he has attempted in the past. One realizes this while watching the six songs and two music pieces from this ambitious project. They tracks are lilting, seeped in melody, while the visual appeal is awe-inspiring.

    The three newcomers, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, appear poised and extremely confident in their debut film. Did Karan put the trio under rigorous training, before he commenced filming? “Yes, we did conduct workshops, but we were clear, we didn’t want to go overboard. I didn’t want their act to look rehearsed or mechanical. It has to look natural on screen,” Karan says. What’s interesting is that Karan has shot each of those songs with a different choreographer and the results are mesmeric. As a matter of fact, each song looks so different from the other. Besides, unlike some film-makers who insert songs as mere props, you can sense the story moving frontward in each of those tracks.

    There’s talk that STUDENT OF THE YEAR is a present-day take on JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDAR. “Just because you see the boys riding bikes [smiles]… In the past too, while I was making K3G, it was alleged I was rehashing KABHI KABHIE. KHNH was supposedly ANAND. Now STUDENT OF THE YEAR is MOHABBATEIN and JJWS. It’s amusing. Is there a dearth of stories? Why should every film be a clone of a tried and tested film?” Karan sounds unflustered by the allegations that the rumor mills keep churning out.

    Are the three newcomers bound by a contract with Dharma? “Yes, they are, but I would like to see them work in qualitative films in the future. We would ensure that they work in the right projects,” Karan says. Though it’s a dream start and every aspirant would be envying Siddharth, Varun and Alia, the question is, where does the trio go from here? When you start off with Karan Johar, every film that follows would only seem a shade less than their debut vehicle. After all, no one presents you as glamorously as Karan Johar in show business, right?

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