Student Of The Year Day Eight Business

Student of The Year collected around 2 crore nett on its eighth day which is fair considering the numerous new releases. It collected more than the new releases. The drop is 70-75% from day one which is par for the course nowadays and the film should have a big jump on Saturday, a 50-60% jump is a norm and with Student Of The Year collections may even double due to Eid.

It is possible for the film to come out with a 10 crore nett weekend which would be 60% less than the first weekend but it will depend on the Saturday jump.

The eight day collections are around 43 crore nett and if it can get a 10 crore nett second weekend then it should go and do lifetime business close to 65 crore nett range.


  1. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Ghanta Guy tweeted this:

    “Student Of The Year was so nostalgic. Totally reminded me of my Ferrari-driving days, hanging out with bikini babes and my 100 acre college. ”

  2. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    i am sure ghanta guy would not have a problem with something as unrealistic as american pie series especially american pie should enjoy the movie for what it is .

  3. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    spuntik,my soty BO post is not opening for commenting.why?

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Don’t know what’s wrong. I wanted to add this article as a comment there but it kept redirecting to home page – it has some characters in the beginning of the post may be because of the quotes. I tried to remove the quotes but it still did not fix it.

      Who told you American Pie series is not realistic? πŸ˜‰ American Pie series is a comedy. Is SOTY a comedy?

      hmm so you like K3G?

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        No one needs to tell me AP series was unrealistic.I had written it in my review of AP series too that the whole series is silly and like a wet dream .watch climax of american pie 2 specially.but its fun so who cares. soty is an unrealistic silly film and an unadulterated one at is like Indias own high school musical.

        I liked only kareena as “poo” in k3g.That was the only time kjo showed his of the time he has busy copying yash chopra/barjatya.i hated all the emotional drama in it otherwise.

  4. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    its not a “comedy” film but the treatment is not very far from it. neither the director nor the actors convey you to take them seriously at any point in the film.

  5. mate 10 years ago

    Taran is again exaggerating the figure, like ETT. I mean 1-2 cr difference is fine for a week, but here, there’s a difference of more than 7 cr just for week 1.
    As for the eighth day collection, I knew that this would be likely to happen. But the trending that Barfi showed over the weeks, is tremendous for its genre.
    Looking at the trending of Barfi and SOTY, I must say;
    ‘Ya to hamari JANTa buhat intelligent ho gayi he, ya intelligent hone ka natak kar rahi he’.
    Otherwise a movie like Barfi, where each and every scene is literally copied from different sources, don’t deserve to have such a feedback.
    And even that EPIC post by Sputnik Ji would’nt help to affect its BO performance. πŸ˜‰

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      yes but sputniks post definitely affected the prestige associated with barfi. The criticism and the whole debate of indian jury decision to send barfi for oscars was more or less triggered off by his post.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Copied/Inspired allegations don’t hurt a movie. I think controversies like that are helpful because it makes people curious to see the movie for themselves. The 3 Idiots – Chetan Bhagat controversy also helped the movie to a certain extent as the movie was in news.

      Religious/political controversies where someone is threatening that they will attack the theater or burn down the theater will hurt in that particular city/state but will help it in other places because of the curiosity factor.

      • sauravjha 10 years ago

        yes very much true sir.. the oscar thing and then your post increased the inquisitiveness of ppl by leaps n bounds ! it was already doin well upto that point but after those two things even those who didnt wish to see it went ahead n gave it a go. But yes Anurag Basu earned himself a lots of flak by his continous defence that it was an “original concept” and all so more than the film Director suffered and as a result all the impetus he wud have gained for his next got lost somehow i think.

  6. mate 10 years ago

    Yes sure Baba ji, It really do that. but I just want to see the aftermath of that post in next year’s award funcions as well especially filmfare. πŸ˜‰
    But I know that is not going to happen. Atleast best male performance award is sealed, I am 200% sure about that.

  7. sauravjha 10 years ago

    This film has done good for itself . For a film wid new comers it has done wonderfully well ! Many ppl dnt like Karan Johar but i think he has good business brain very seldom has he incurred losses which shows how good he’s been in an era when stakes have been so high! I dnt knw how big a success it is, i would like somebody to temme how much it needs to do to be called so but i think its good enuf already!

  8. Serenzy 10 years ago

    K3G Has Many More Interesting and Genuinely Funny Moments than just the ‘Poo’ Act.

    But, Yes…It is a Movie I don’t Think Much Highly off[Like MNIK]…!

    • sauravjha 10 years ago

      why u didnt like MNIK serenzy ?? jst eager to knw i thot it was a good effort on part of karan/srk if not gr8. It had its flaws but still was a commendable effort wat say?

  9. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Saurav Jha,

    I Loved Shah Rukh’s Acting, The Cute Love Story btwn SRKajol in MNIK and Some Moments in the 2nd Half.

    But that Kajol’s Son Death Incident Onwards, the Movie Fucked Up Itself Never to Recover.

    Yes, It Was an Honest Effort Gone Wrong[Blame the Scriptwriter], plus a Talent Like Kajol was Underutilised.


    p.s – KKHH is the Best KJo Directed Movie[Yet to See SOTY].

    • sauravjha 10 years ago

      Yes agree wid ur points abt MNIK had same issues wid it as well….its jst dat srk completely surprised me by his act in the movie ( had not seen rainman till then ) maybe smwhr i myself had developed some reservations abt his acting skills that he can do only this much but for him to take up this role n do a research is almost AAMIRESQUE ;P so i was pleasantly surprised by his prep for the role, same goes for kjo! Both of them cud easily have continued in their respective “comfort zone” and made a 100 crore movie hence i rate it highly! Anyways cheers and as always love ur unbiased views especially wen u r a fan of that actor πŸ™‚ its not easy nowadays!

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