“SRK Is Extremely Popular” Farhan Akhtar on ‘Don 2’

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    ‘”Shah Rukh Khan did his own stunts in Don 2″ – Farhan Akhtar

    Shah Rukh Khan will be visiting Patna on Tuesday and other non-metropolitan centres thereafter to promote Don 2.

    Farhan says, “Shah Rukh and I are starting a multi-city tour soon. Whether both of us would be present everywhere or not is not decided. For Shah Rukh, Don 2 is as important as Ra.One.”

    That the actor has gone all-out to make the Don sequel a whopping package goes without saying. Shah Rukh had a lot of strenuous action sequences to perform in Don 2 right after his neck and back problems. And he refused to use a body double.

    Says Farhan, “There are many occasions in the film when any other star would have insisted on a double. But Shah Rukh didn’t. And that’s a blessing. I don’t have to worry about audiences pointing to my hero’s face and saying it’s someone else.”

    Farhan gives his leading man a clean chit on the stunt score. “Don 2 has much tougher action scenes than the first Don. And not once did Shah Rukh show any reluctance about doing any of the stunts. He just came and did what he had to without complaining. There are lots of heart-in-the-mouth stunts which Shah Rukh insisted on performing.”

    Farhan doesn’t feel Ra.One would impact Don 2. “With Shah Rukh people are always happy to see him. Whether it’s almost two years apart, as was the case between My Name Is Khan and Ra.One ,or just two months apart like Don and Ra.One, it doesn’t matter. Everywhere I go, people are looking forward to Don 2.This is my first film as a director in five years.”‘


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