SRK goes romantic for Chennai Express


Last year we saw King Khan in an out and out action avatar with Ra.One and Don 2. But this year Shah Rukh will be sticking to his romantic roots starting with Yash Chopra’s next, followed by Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express.

Bollywood Hungama has confirmed reports stating that Rohit’s SRK starrer will be a romantic film as opposed to earlier claims that the film was an action packed project.

Confirming this, a source from the production house, UTV says, “Yes, we will be producing Chennai Express, which will be directed by Rohit and star Shah Rukh Khan. However, we cannot divulge any more details as of now.”

Chennai Express is a film is about a man travelling from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and what happens to him on the way. The film will focus on the romance between Shah Rukh and the lead actress. Though the lead actress hasn’t yet been finalized, rumours say that Deepika Padukone might be roped in for the film.


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    hithere 9 years ago

    I like the premise of story on train..but then you have Rohit Shetty..Most of his movies look same. I liked All the best most.

  2. Avatar
    Milind 9 years ago

    You will have cars blowing up now on either side of train πŸ˜‰

  3. Avatar
    sputnik 9 years ago

    I liked All the Best the most too and I had fun watching Golmaal 1 with friends. Golmaal Returns was funny only in parts (spoof scenes) and the last 5-10 minutes which were hilarious. Golmaal 3 was bad except for that one Mithun-Prem Chopra old movie spoof. I did not like Singham at all.

    I think Rohit is very good at spoof scenes and I wish he makes a complete spoof movie on the lines of Scary Movie. I think it will be hilarious.

    “You will have cars blowing up now on either side of train πŸ˜‰ ”

    Ha ha. I think he should now advance to the next level. Have the whole trains go up in air πŸ˜‰

  4. Avatar
    Milind 9 years ago

    ROFL! Quite a possibility that Sputnik!

  5. Baba Ji
    Baba Ji 9 years ago

    srk aur romance ka choli-daman ka saath hai.this was expected to be a masala action film but yet another romance.srk canot do any better actually.

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    sanket porwal 9 years ago

    Romantic film? πŸ™ It seems like it will be Chalo DIlli type (wonderful film). But there was no romantic angle in the film. ANd neither they meet in train on something on that line. But i feel it will be something similar.

    I haven’t liked many SRK’s larger than life romantic films, and his next two are exactly those. I am eager for Shetty’s one more than YR’s.

    My favorite shetty film has to be SIngham followed by All the best (very slim distance).

    • Baba Ji
      Baba Ji 9 years ago

      my fav rohit shetty film is also singham but then singham isnt his film πŸ™‚

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    Dhamaka 9 years ago

    my fav rohit movie is ATB it has so many hilarious scenes specially after the arrival of sanjay dutt

    • Avatar
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Welcome to the forum Dhamaka. Good to see you here.

      And agree with you. Sanjay was the scene stealer and it was very nice of Ajay to let Sanjay have all the best scenes and lines despite it being his production.

      • Avatar
        Dhamaka 9 years ago

        Thanks sputnik
        it was overall an enjoyable movie .sanjay mishra’s character was hilarious πŸ™‚

    • Avatar
      Milind 9 years ago

      I dont care a Bhakhra Nangal Dam be!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      Welcome Dhamaka!

  8. Avatar Author
    aryan 9 years ago

    I think ATB is the Rohit Shetty’s best movie, Singham ok in some parts, Golmaal-3 not upto the mark, I think Rohit Shetty is a big fan of Ajay Devgan. Ajay has done very bad acting in Golmaal 3.

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