Srk Fan’s Hatred continues against EK Tha Tiger

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    fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    Thanks to Doga for this Picture 🙂

    I have seen many website especially dedicated to Ek Tha Bandar. What do they get from doing so?

    This is one of the facebook page… Some have really funny pics of Salman but the intention of the page is clearly visible and atleast those 12K who liked this page.

    seems to me like idol worshiper of srk.

    • sputnik 12 years ago


      hmm so I guess its payback time for SRK fans as Salman fans and Aamir fans did all the mocking with those morphed images even before the release of Ra.One. But this SRK fans revenge seems limited to SRK fan sites only whereas the Ra.One pre-release mocking was more universal.

      But seriously who goes to watch a movie because of a teaser/trailer when the teaser/trailer comes out online and on TV much earlier.

      • Author
        fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        You are appreciating their intentions?

        No doubt they had mocked Ra One with morphed pics (and i welcome even with other actors including salman thats why i said some pics are really funny) but had anyone protested others to avoid Ra one before the release? and when they did it was after the release of Ra one and that too when the product was pathetic.

        lol on you

        • sputnik 12 years ago

          I am not appreciating their intentions. I did a LOL on their attempt to try to convince others not to watch ETT.

          I also said “But this SRK fans revenge seems limited to SRK fan sites only whereas the Ra.One pre-release mocking was more universal.”

          Ra.One morphed pictures were out in the media and even SRK re-tweeted one of them whereas these are limited to srk fans facebook pages.

          When Ra.One released there were some Salman fans who were constantly retweeting anti Ra.One and anti SRK stuff and this was before release of movie. So there is a thing called Karma. Salman fans will return the favor during SRK’s next Yash Chopra movie and cycle will continue.

          These online fan wars are anyways silly – there are lot of people out there in the real world (even srk fans) who will watch ETT – some because it looks interesting and some after reviews or WOM. If the movie is good or entertaining no one can stop it from being a big hit.

          • Author
            fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            ok sputnik i got your point and will take my “lol” back from you and use it somewhere else, oh wait i’l use it @CR – Lol on you 😉

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      FS you might be right about the agenda by many srk fans against ett.There is some politics i noticed even in the reactions to its promos.banjara was bashed inspite of being a better song and lapata song is being praised because of its location Cuba! This alternate bashing and praising random promos is to convey picture of a neutral narrative.the real truth will come out on ett release.salman fans – be on ur toes.srk fans are in mood of ra1 revenge. 😉

      • sputnik 12 years ago

        hmm… So everyone has to agree with your opinion or else they are fans of other actors or they are indulging in politics?

        • Baba Ji 12 years ago

          the overpraising especially its location is definitely dubious 😀

          • sputnik 12 years ago

            hmm… There are only 5 comments in that Laapata song post and almost all of then praised picturization.

            FS first said that “Cuba is a beautiful country” and rest of the comments after that pretty much agreed on Cuba directly (me) and rest by “locations”.

            Laapata Song – Ek Tha Tiger

            Stop looking for conspiracies everywhere.

            Personally I don’t remember the last Hindi song which was shot in Cuba and the Cuba location added freshness to the song. Songs shot in US/Europe have become stale.


            Ok I now understood why you did not like the Laapata song. Its because Katrina is copying the chaddi look of Deepika. This is just politics 😉

      • hithere 12 years ago

        Do You want us to like ETT because of Bodayguard, dabangg and Ready 🙂 ? If you say Katrina then I might think about it 😉

  2. Jack Sparrow 12 years ago

    Yaar ye aise ek yede ki vajah se SRK fans badnaam hote hai. ETT teaser ke waqt bhi dislikes dene ka naya plan tha and they succeeded somewhat. Lets see What the other fan parties come up with when SRK starrer releases later this year.

  3. cr7 12 years ago

    lol..i always thought srk fans are not very good in mocking or say doing stupid things to pull other films down. but now i feel proud. was really a painful phase 🙂

    p.s i do like that ek tha bandar page in fb 😉

    • sputnik 12 years ago



      Here is one of the culprits who liked the page 😉

  4. Milind 12 years ago

    My reply to Shetty Bhai on this on FB was:

    Do these men really think that by doing this anyone can influence the proceedings. Fans make just 10% of whole bunch who go to watch movies!! Rest watch many types of movies.

    But then why do you need to go any further. Look at the “other” site where a guy by the name of one of Sanju Baba’s film is always busy in this thing.And then there are the fans of SRK too in networld who are ardent fans of his.

    They were very docile fans– it is just that they were lax as SRK ruled the roost for over a decade! Now when they faced fire during Ra.One and SRK is facing damn great competition,they are regrouping. The result was “We Love SRK” trended Worldwide yesterday. I write it here first– See the swords drawn out this year on various sites and twitter and see how both films cross 150 crores! It is a time when the fight is between a fan and another!!

    I am a SRK fan and will watch ETT FDFS. So saying SRK fans are conspiring is wrong.Very wrong!

  5. hithere 12 years ago

    Picture is missing from post?

  6. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    cant see the pic…..btw i had made “ek tha topa” fb page long back .milind and me were admin but i think we both didnt keep it active.

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