SOTW : Akshay kumar Death scene from Khaaki

Khaake was one of the best thrillers/ Cop movie made in Bollywood with such strong characterization , a serious theme with twists and turns and with correct dosage of humour and love story ….

Amitabh as a looser Police man who hasnt achieved anything but still has high principles .. is weak and yet very determined about his ways

While Ajay devgan a shrewd , sharp criminal who is cunning and ruthless

Akshay Kumar who has the least author backed role and was providing the comic relief and bringing Light feeling to an engaging thriller would have been lost in crowd as being another good performance along with the other actors of the movie but this death scene is what made Akshay’s role standout tall amongst many good performances, be noticed and remembered..

Enough of bakar now enjoy the scene 🙂

  1. UsmanSolo 10 years ago

    I lov this scene Manish…!!!

    • Author
      Manish 10 years ago

      Great to see u here Usman bhai :)))

      yeah this is one of the most shocking scene from one of the best thrilller/cop movie

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